Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall-Winter 2011-12 Makeup Trends !

Winter is finally here... :)
I for one, love winters - as long as you don't ask me to turn up early in the morning! I love the stylish jackets, the cozy mufflers, the unlimited hot cuppas I can enjoy, I love how the winter makes my skin less oily and more manageable! :D
The best part is now you can indulge in makeup without worrying about the sweat and grime!

Here are some of the things which are hot for fall-winter makeup trends!

  • Dark/Vampy Lips  
 Dig out your purple and burgundy lipsticks girls, its the time to flaunt dark, vampy lips! Yeah... winter is the time for darker colours like berry, purple, Bordeaux & maroon to take the centrestage.
Afraid of wearing it full-on?? Try wearing it as a stain and layering gloss on top of it !

  • Eyeliner
Clean, neat eyeliner is making a hot trend everywhere now... sometimes even a double eyeliner!
Granted its never really out- you can wing it or make a thick line... just adds ooodles of definition to ur eyes!

double eyeliner

  • Thick Eyebrows
All you lucky gals with thick eyebrows - Rejoice! Don't pluck your eyebrows into thin tadpoles.... instead give them a groomed, natural width which looks most natural. Even Bushy eyebrows are okay - just don;t let it go all over the place.
Did you know- overplucking your eyebrows too thinly - makes you look much older than you are!!

Audrey hepburn - she knew it already!
  • Nude makeup
Here is something we can all pull off even at work...... natural looking makeup is always a winner! Its easy to pull-off and looks fresh!Just focus on clear-looking skin (tinted Moistuizer+concealer), a dash or maskara/kohl and some MLBB lip-gloss.

  • Varicolored smoky Eyes
Smoky eyes are always a favourite on ramps and makeupistas! Now you can vary the usual smoky eye consisting of shades of black and grey to brown to purple to olive etc
Keep it interesting girls!

  • Beige/ Brown eyeshadow
A little medium toned beige/brown eyeshadows on your eyelids  and if you like some on your lower lids too.
Gives a polished look which is an extension of the natural look!

So what is your favourite trend out of these??

Mine is definitely the eyeliner and the nude look!

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