Monday, July 11, 2011

Lip Loves - Deborah Milano 24 ore extreme long lasting Lipstick - Review & Swatches

Today I am going to share with you my latest Lip LOVE- Deborah Milano 24 ore extreme long last lipstick.
Its an Italian brand which has been around for some time ( 2 years) in India.The SA said its a popular brand among runway models in the west!!

I first tried deborah when i was looking for a good matte lipstick and just could not find good (decent, wearable, pretty, brightening) shades!!!
I bought 2 matte lippies that time - one atomic red and one from 24 ore power range. I was really happy with these too.... very smooth and comfortable on the lips....only downside being - not too long lasting.

NOW even that seems to have been solved with the 24 ore extreme long lasting lipstick. I bought one (from New U and also got a free eyeshadow with it :)- more about it later).

The first shade was 09 (no names ?!) which is a lovely rusty peach shade which looks fabulous on the lips (looks a little lighter on lips than in tube). I can safely say it can look good on all fair - medium complexions!! And boy! it lasts and lasts - even after eating, kissing your hubby - you still have a beautiful stain left. This shade also brightens up my complexion and looks like a million bucks! I loved it Sooooooooo much that  I went and bought another one in Shade-07 - will review it soon! Shade -07 Review HERE

Just apply it evenly and wait 10 seconds to set - now give a flying kiss!!! Now look at your hand, hardly anything comes off !

What the company says:
They have a website and all but hardly any detailed information there.... interestingly this lipstick is not mentioned! pity coz its a damn good one!
What I could find described this lipstick perfectly-
"Ultra-comfortable glide-on formula for velvety smooth lips that stay perfect all day long."
In the ingredients I could find the mention of 'grape-seed oil' - sounds good to me!

 Price- Rs.595/-
Quantity - Nothing mentioned! - looks like 3.5 g approx

  • Ultra-comfortable glide-on-formula (yeah!)
  • Long lasting - without oily food etc - even upto 6-7 hours!
  • Looks satin smooth- does not emphasize lip lines!
  • Good pigmentation - can give opaque finish very well - so even pigmented lip beauties can enjoy this one!
  • Does not dry out your lips.
  • Good looking classy, sturdy packaging - I love the matte gold cover!
  • Limited shade selection - About 10 shades are there - though most are wearable.
  • A little pricey at 595/- but good if you get free gifts! :P
  • No information available other than on the lipstick - which is Very limited!
  • No product weight mentioned!!!

Now for the Pictures:

Deborah Milano 24 ore power Extreme long lasting lipstick

True Swatch in natural daylight - Deborah milano 24 ore extreme long last Lipstick in Shade- 09

Another shot of how gorgeous and brightening it looks!(sorry for the blur!)
 My freebie!!!! :-D

 Its pretty na!! the highlighter in this a good one!

I would say - overall a Must Buy if you are in the market for a long lasting matte lipstick! If you want to wear mattes but hated their dryness - give these a try!

As for me I am so in Love with these that I am  gonna buy another one soon- though my fridge sighs under my growing lipstick collection-  but I can't have enough long-last mattes especially in summers!( yeah chronic sweating is a constant danger to my lipstick getting smudged- though not this one :-D!!!)

See ya around soon!


  1. the color is my fav
    my ultimate
    thnks a ton im getting this

  2. @vertu - it sure is!

    @neha- I hope u like it as much as i do! :)

  3. Hi, I tried to look for this shade but could not find it online anywhere and as I am from South India, they are not in stores also...could you please let me know if they are available online :)

    1. Even I could not locate these sometime back- You can try online at,, Deborah milano is stocked with most online portals- though this shade is missing most of the time.

      Try shopper's stop outlets also.

      Hope this helps.



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