Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MIA- Mom In Anticipation! It's a boy!

Sorry girls I have been missing in action for a long time now- though all for a good cause!

I was expecting a baby! It was long journey- with my hubby showing all shades of care and protectiveness including and upto limiting the amount of wi-fi and laptop radiation around my growing belly!!!! ( yeah it is harmful-google it! In fact one of my colleagues who lost her baby in the 6th month  inexplicably- she used to frequently put the  laptop on her tummy- who knows if this was THE cause)

Now that my bundle of joy has arrived- a bonny baby boy, I can once more devote more time for blogging!

See ya amigos!

Give your skin good karma with Kama ayurvedics! Rose and Jasmine face wash and mint lip balm

So what do u do when u have tried almost all face washes available in the market- you try a new one! Especially when I wanted to junk all the chemical loaded goop we usually get for a face wash.
All this was more pertinent due to my pregnancy- and Me avoiding most cosmetics due to fears about its effect on a teeny-tiny baby inside! Surely even a miniscule amount of some of those long worded chemical can harm it?

I was scoping out herbal alternatives and that's when I got a chance to try the New kama ayurveda face wash and lip balm- I was more than happy to test them out.

Coming to the products....

Rose Jasmine face cleanser- Rs 540 for 100 ml

Mint lip balm -Rs 395 for 5g

The face wash comes packaged in a luxurious looking carton with gold detailing and the face wash is housed in a plastic bottle with a pump-dispenser.
The first thing you will notice is how delightful it smells, almost like heaven in a bottle!!! That said it boasts of mostly natural ingredients and also salicylic acid- which is good for that errant breakout!
It is a clear liquid which cleaned much better than I actually expected. I like my skin squeaky clean and soft after washing and it does well there.

Coming to the lip balm it is housed in a tub container which I personally don't favour due to mess and hygiene factor. But otherwise it gives good moisturization and healed my chapped lips. As the name suggests it gives a minty feel and tingling sensation when applied which fades after a while.

I would definitely recommend these two for people looking for natural and ayurvedic products. However, they are a bit expensive(yeah I am an Indian and would love to save and bargain anytime!) but considering their wholesome ingredients they are worth it.

Ingredients- Rose & Jasmine face wash-
Mint Lip balm


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