Monday, September 26, 2011

Wat's in a name???Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick: Review & Swatches

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick - Pink Pop

Price- Rs.375/-

Quantity- 3g

What does the company Say: 
High-definition drama! Reds go redder*, pinks go pinker**! Color goes brighter, bolder, more brilliant than ever before. Lips look fuller and come alive in vivid color and hi-def drama! Mega sexy or night.  CHROMAPIXEL TECHNOLOGY boosts color by reflecting light and enhancing shine to amplify each shade’s true hue.


Comes nicely packed!

Pink  Pop -  notice the unique bullet shape!

Actual colour - noticable shimmer (wat they call chromapixel!)
Looks pretty BUT....

  • I bought them when they were launched at an offer of 399/- for 2. I bought Pink Pop & Never so Nude - so the deal was fair enough then (375/- is way too much!)
  • Seems to have a nice colour selection for people who like darker shades
  • Has chromapixel technology (basically similar colour shimmer particles - supposed to intesify ur colour!)
  • Unique bullet shape!
  • I like lighter wearable shades so I chose Pink Pop & Never so nude... They arrived looking less than having the so-called 'mega-impact' !
  • I am not a fan of shimmer - these are quite heavy on that.... 
  • The shades I bought had poor pigmentation... The 'never so nude'  well looked so pale in the tube.....- wud make me look like the corpse's bride! - so I kept it away - thinking I would give it to my sis or smthing. The 'pink pop' was slightly better BUT I had to drag it several times to show some colour!
  • The final colour was a pale bubblegum pink -  which looked quite frosty (I hate frosty!)
  • Even for this price (more expensive than ultra colour rich- which are anyday better buy than these!) they were not moisturizing or anything.
  • Only 3 grams for the price you pay
  • The light shades will not cover pigmented lips!
The Last Word:
It was a miss for me.  Just wanted to try something new & like some experiments it FAILED!
I wish I had bought some Ultra colour rich lipsticks instead!!

Buy only if you want shimmer and not much moisturization from ur lippie (Never buy without  a Discount!)


  1. oh bad it dint wrk..
    wts in d name???lol
    evn i dont prefer shimmer lipstick!!
    btw tis post dint show up on my dashboard (?_?)

  2. Even I dont like shimmery ones..

  3. @ Sunaa - yeah makeup addiction can hurt your pocket many times! I don't know about the dashboard thingy... maybe U need to add me on blogroll!

    @ bhumika - We have a lot in common! :)
    In fact I have heard it from so many people - I wonder why do companies have an overload of frosted lipsticks in their range!



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