Monday, September 26, 2011

Pinch o'pink Me with this Maybelline Blush!

Maybelline Expert Wear Blush - Pinch o'pink

Price- Rs.209/-

Quantity- 4.5g

What does the company Say: 
  • Soft fade resistant color
  • Available in 4 stunning shades so you can pick your blush to suit your skin tone!
For perfect glowing cheeks – Smile into the mirror to find the upper apple of the cheek. Place the brush on the upper part of the cheek and using soft circular motions, move out towards the cheekbone.


Blended Swatch - A corally-peach (shimmer)

  • Affordable & You get a good quantity!
  • The brush given along is not flimsy - so you can utilize it sometimes
  • The pigmentation is good enough
  • Available in 4 shades
  • Easy to apply & blend
  • A wearable, everyday shade
  • This shade has some shimmers - which get even more prominent if you try to build up the colour/layer it! Fine if you want that kind of effect sometimes!
  • Lasting power is about average - 3 hours or so on its own
The Last Word:
 I was looking for an everyday pink blush - so picked this one. I wish the colour was more buildable without getting an overload of shimmys! Anyhow it is super affordable so no qualms :)
A good blush for beginners and blush novices!

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