Sunday, September 25, 2011

May be its a Haul !! Maybe its Maybelline! :)

On my recent trip to the mall...I was assigned the duty to bring my lil sis an everyday lipstick.... she lost her everyday lippie+mobile+handbag+everything in it in a theft from our car!

She is just out of college - in her first job... so she needs a sophisticated office colour... I gave her Maybelline P22 last time (From its watershine pure range! Review HERE)

As is the case with anyone who uses these once....That's Her favoruite lippie now - so I got it again for her...
and den something for myself too....

As usual if u let me loose near makeup - I behave like a rabbit near carrots!!!

Here's my part of the haul...
My Haul :)
Here's what it is:

  • Lasting drama gel eyeliner- 375/-
  • Watershine liquid diamonds lip gloss (pink ruby)- 190/-
  • Colorsensational Lipgloss (Plumtastic)- 250/-
  • Colorama nail paints- Sexy(fuchsia), Nude(pink), Gabriele(red)- 85/- each
  • Free lip balm - Dolly Rose ( I got 2 - gave 1 to sis)


  1. wooooo..quite a pretty haul...

  2. Its definitely a HAUL! great selection btw

  3. Ha! Such a huge haul!! waiting for the reviews now. Might sound strange, I somehow never managed to get the gel liner :(

  4. Thanks Sunaa!:P

    Thanks Pooja! :)

    you know the funny thing is - those three nail polish names sound so naughty together!! :D

    @nivedita - Yeah will b putting up the reviews shortly- I am myself getting the gel liner first time - was really in two minds coz i like quick application - dont always hav time fo r a brush & all! will let u know how it goes!




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