Monday, September 5, 2011

Lip Loves: Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipsticks : Review & Swatches

Sometime back I happened to stumble upon these lipsticks - Maybelline Watershine Pure lipstick. Ever since every time I apply these, I feel like I am in lipstick heaven... literally. These are so buttery, smooth and moisturizing that applying them is half the pleasure. The other half is seeing your lips afterwards - so smooth, glossy and colourful. They were my absolute favs in winters and are a blessing to dry lips.No wonder I ended up buying 7(now 8) of them soon!!!

In fact I can safely say that if I was forced to keep just one  lipstick (& I had only 230 rupees) - It would be definitely one of these ! (I keep P22 with me at all times!)

What the company says -
For the first time our lipstick in infused with crystal-clear, natural water droplets for:
  • Incredible crystalline shine, transparent, brilliant, dewy
  • The freshest, purest colour
  • An amazing kiss of moisture
Price- Rs.230/-

Quantity- 3.9 g

Natural Water -Crystal clear gel base that is infused with natural water providing lips with the purest form of crystalline shine, freshest color and lightweight hydration.
Sea Algae -Contains high levels of nourishing water-soluble vitamins that have a rebalancing, nourishing and hydrating effect, providing lips with conditioning benefits.
Lotus Flower -The aqua-botanical plant whose conditioning agents help maintain lip’s moisture level.
Vitamin E -A powerful anti-oxidant that protects and nourishes lips.

The Shades I will be reviewing are as follows:
  • P22 - A peachy pink - lovely shade -would suit almost all complexions. I get compliments all the time on this and even strangers ask me what I am wearing on my lips when I wear this! Must have!
  • F21 - A blue-tone Pink/ Mauve - Lovely shade again - Goes with most of my pink dresses! Brightens up my face!Another Fav!
  • B24 - A bubblegum pink - a lighter pale pink shade very suitable for young girls and teenagers!
  • C22 - A coral  shade with some shimmer - If you like peachy coral - you'll like this one!
  • MF21 - A raspberry pink shade - A little brighter pink - some fine silver shimmer which is not noticeable on lips.
  • R21 - A Strawberry sheer red - If you want to wear red but not wanting the bold full-on colour, then this is the shade for you.
  • B22 - A Nude beige colour - Want nude lips with smokey eyes? Grab this one!Although it is a bit too light for my liking - very Kim Kardashian like nude shade(one she is wearing in almost all her pics!). Lately I have found an excellent use for it - I put it on my lips first and then layer another lipstick(anything too loud/dark/bright for me) on top of it - End Result-Always a winner! :)
  • BC11 - A pinky peach colour with some shimmer particles- Not very opaque- good for people who want natural looking pink lips( like college girls) and people who don't have pigmented lips.

My stash!

From Left to right - P22, F21, B24, C22
From Left to Right - MF21, R21, B22, BC11

From Left to right - P22, F21, B24, C22

From Left to Right - MF21, R21, B22, BC11

From Left to right - P22, F21, B24, C22

From Left to right - P22, F21, B24, C22

From Left to Right - MF21, R21, B22, BC11
From Left to Right - MF21, R21, B22, BC11
Me wearing only  F21 - see how it blows away the lip lines!

     Now the Overall review of the Maybelline watershine pure lipsticks:

    • All claims made by company are true! (how often does that happen??) 
    • Incredible crystalline shine, transparent, brilliant, dewy
    • The freshest, purest colour 
    • Very Moisturizing
    • A lipstick, lipgloss and a lip balm- all in one cute lipstick! Very buttery, smooth to apply.  I like these better than even Estee lauder, Clinique lipsticks in terms of how they feel on my lips! I am always reaching for these lipsticks -so much -that I fear I am spoilt now - no other lipstick will ever feel better on my lips!
    • Gives a Very luxurious feel on lips -  I  can bet that - in a blind test you will not be able tell if its Chanel or Maybelline!
    • Can be sheer with 1 coat but can be easily built up to an opaque colour with 3-4 swipes. As for me I love swiping these beauties mutiple times on my lips - just coz they feel so darn good! Some shades are more pigmented like P22, F21, MF21,C22, R21  etc.(for people who want more coverage) while the rest are on the sheer side.
    • Contains Natural water + Minerals!!!
    • Even makes flaky lips look good (from personal experience!)- just apply this and wait for 5 minutes - your lips become smoother & conditioned with the flaky bits camouflaged in this lipstick - no need of a lip-balm underneath! Gals with dry lips should grab them ASAP!
    • Good transition lipsticks for lip gloss lovers!
    • Very Affordable at rs. 230/- (I think good dupes for L'oreal nutri shine lipsticks)
    • Limited shades available - only 10 !!! They should include more colours, I would not mind getting another 8 or even 10 !
    • Sheer Colours - most shades are sheer - but they cover my partially pigmented lips well enough in 3-4 swipes. Heavily pigmented lips should go for medium/darker/more pigmented shades in this range (mentioned above).
    • Staying power is less - this is obvious because its so moisturizing. Still gives upto 2-3 hours of wear!
    • No names given to these lipsticks - although in some countries I think they have names too!

    FINAL WORD - Have you tried them yet??? If not then its a Must buy ! Do try this range - you will surely find a colour which you will love! For me its P22  & F21:-)
    I wish Maybelline launches more shades in this range and NEVER discontinues it! Experience high-end luxury with drugstore prices with these absolutely gorgeous finds!


    1. OMG !! U have 8 :/
      they look nice..esp C22..

    2. Yeah! You can see how much I love these... :P

      C22 is a nice coral-peach colour.... Have you tried these??

    3. Amazing review!!, I got P22 and its lovely. Planning on F21 aswell....

    4. @reshma- I m glad you liked it! If you have fair-medium skin - buy F21 too- it is such a gorgeous shade!

    5. Omg, your love for these seems irreplaceable. But I would suggest you a more inexpensive version of these sort of lispticks.. Oriflame's Very me collection.. They have great shades and so shiny and creamy.. provides awesome moisturizing to the lips as well.

    6. I am seriously going to buy some of these now after reading your post. Really tempting...great review & thanks for explaining the colors, sometime it gets difficult to decide a color from photos lol!

    7. this is great review and swatches.. I've bought p22 although I wanted coral orangy colour.. maybe I'll buy c22 next time



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