Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Sweetest Thing : MAC I Love Winter Lipstick from Sultry Delights!

This collection was lauched long back... and as much a s I love it ... it never got reviewed.
But I really just had to show you how lovely this lipstick is... its the most soft neutral pink with a hint of coral....just the kind I was looking for.....  Its accompanied by a suitable gloss and lip liner....
but the lipstick looks gorgeous even on its own!


Sultry Delights Lip Bag

I Love Winter Lipstick

Lip Swatch- MAC Sultry Lipstick only
Indoor Light

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Paint the town in a Rosey Glow with Street Wear Nail Polish!

Street Wear color Rich Nail Enamel - Rosey Glow(28)

This is one of my fav nail paints- Its the perfect shade of peach which goes with everything!

 Price-  Rs 45/-

Quantity-5 ml


Grab it!

Total LOVE !

A good thing in a Small Package!

  • Lovely peachy pink shade with a touch of coral! -Suitable for all ages!
  • Cheap!
  • Lasts for a decent time- 3-4 days

  • Only 5 ml - but hey its cheap and I am glad It wont dry up and waste!
 The Last Word:
Its an apt name for a lovely shade. Sometimes, some pastels make my hands look dull- but not this one.... so I think you can safely go for it.... You would love this one even if you are a teenager or a mom! Besides its easy on the pocket!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gene-Therapy! Pond's White Beauty Spot-less Lightening Cream SPF 20PA++

Pond's White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream SPF 20 PA++

This cream claims to have a 'breakthrough discovery of a specific gene' to lighten, brighten and fade dark spots.(Genwhite formula)

Price- Rs. 249/-

Quantity- 50g

What does the company Say:


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Say Hello to A Pop of Coral from Mary Kay!!!

Mary Kay Liquid Lip Color - Sherbet 

 Price- Rs 575/- approx (As quoted by the SA)

 Quantity- 7.6g

 What does the company Say:
"A cool treat for lips in a mouthwatering shade. Mary Kay® Liquid Lip Color in Sherbet combines the coverage and finish of a lipstick with the foolproof application of a gloss. This multitalented wonder lets you customize color the way you want from bold to barely there. And there’s a superrefreshing mint flavor for an instant pick-me-up. In six luscious shades."


Applied thickly.....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eye Wanna! Revlon Magic Eyeliner Pencil in Antique Copper

Revlon Magic Eyeliner Pencil (89) - Antique Copper

 Price- Rs. 390/-

 Quantity- 1.2g

 What does the company Say:

  • Waterproof
  • Long-wearing formula
  • Silky, smooth, metallic finish


Revlon Magic  -Eyeliner PencilAntique Copper

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Experience with Medplusbeauty & A Haul !

I have been venturing towards online sopping  a lot nowadays- blame it on the hot weather or my laziness!
Nothing beats the joy of shopping in your AC room AND getting  good discounts on your favourite brands!

This haul was done a while back and I have shopped 2 times more with this site.... every time the shopping experience was breezy and prompt.

Kudos to Medplusbeauty for keeping such a good variety of brands and products - All are cheaper than almost all other online stores.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Walk into The Coral Sunset with The Body Shop!

The Body Shop Colour Glide Lipstick # 63 (Coral Sunset)

I bought this when I was hunting for my perfect coral lipstick (its been a while since I had this)..... and
trust me I have tried quite a few - As a result I have so many coral lippies now that it deserves a  special post!(I know... I have loads of pending posts... will do it soon :P)
The coral craze hasn't gotten over yet......  probably coz it suits me a lot.... So here is what I end up wearing many times recently. Sadly I don't see it anymore-I think its been discontinued now

 Price- Rs. 600/-

 Quantity- 4g

 What does the company Say:
Moisturizing lip colour that feels velvety smooth. With light-diffusers for younger-looking lips. Check out the 19 lip-tastic shades in our stores now!


I love the metallic sleek case

# 63 - Coral Sunset (I think!)

Its SO pretty in the tube!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Watta-Glow -Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow !

Oriflame Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow - Light

 Price- Rs. 279/-

 Quantity- 30ml

 What does the company Say:
Bring out the best in your complexion. Tinted gel moisturiser with a lightweight finish gives you a peachy, natural glow. Can be worn alone or with your favourite foundation. 
Available in two shades- Light and Dark


New Pond's Age Miracle with Cell ReGEN

Born from a decade of cutting-edge research on the secrets of aging deep down at the cellular level in human skin, Pond’s Institute presents the next breakthrough in the science of aging - The revolutionary New Intelligent Pro Cell Complex™ technology. This potent combination of 6 Youth Enhancing Bio-Actives, actually makes your skin act younger, making it possible for you to turn back the clock & look up to 10 years younger. Now, isn’t that the miracle that you’ve been waiting for!

 Pond’s Institute has created a revolutionary breakthrough in anti-aging—New Intelligent Pro Cell Complex™, a potent system of 6 Bio-Actives that work together like a miracle. Available for the first time in New Pond’s Age Miracle, an anti-aging cream so advanced, that it gives your skin cells 3x more skin renewal power*, helping you turn back the clock and look up to 10 years** younger!

The Pond’s Institute combined the power of up to 6 bio-actives to create the youth-enhancing miracle that is New Intelligent Pro Cell Complex™. The 6 bio-actives work in combination with each other and with the natural processes of your skin, to comprehensively ensure that age simply cannot catch up.

·            CLA: Miraculous ingredient that stimulates skin cells, thus promoting faster cellular turnover.
·            Retinol: Best proven ingredient that works within skin, influencing and enhancing skin’s ability to produce collagen and repair itself.
·            Two Retinol Boosters: Work with each other to boost the efficacy of Retinol, accelerating and enhancing skin’s ability to act younger, through epidermal rejuvenation.
·            Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA): Gently exfoliates skin by accelerating removal of skin-dulling dead cells. Skin appears smoother and clears the way for renewed skin cells from within.
·            Glycerine: Restores and enhances skin’s moisture level for softer, visibly plumper and younger looking skin.
·            12HSA: Works deep within skin to renew skin cells and adapt to the unique genetic framework of skin.

Monday, May 28, 2012

EOTD - Peaches in Spring!

Before you guys start questioning my sanity for quoting spring in this melting heat..... Let me just clarify- its the most suitable name I instantly thought of for this simple look I LOVE ....esp in summers and off course I will do so in spring too :P

Now I am no expert with eye makeup... esp eyeshadows.... but I do like coloured eyeliners.....  a lot!
So when I got this gorgeous borjouis intense extrait eyeshadow no-3..... it was love at first sight....

Now when I combine it with another favourite - a Spring green eyeliner.... and Viola..... bright eyes in no time. Add a coat of mascara and you are set for the day!

Products used

  • Bourjois Intese Extrait Eyeshadow - 03 (swept all over lid)
  • Spring Green liquid liner (Very Me range from Oriflame) 
  • Oriflame Wonder lash mascara.


Pardon my unkempt brows (I am growing them out....)

With Flash - you can see how lovely the eyshadow looks

Indoor Light

Do tell me how you liked it.....

As for me... I am waiting for the monsoon... eagerly!!!!!
Please God Hurry!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My First NYX Lippie !!!

Nyx Round Lipstick - Lousiana

Price- Rs. 300/- (Although available for lesser price too!)

Quantity- 4g

What does the company Say:

NYX Round Lipstick is our classic lipstick for all-year round. The mineral-based emollient formula offers a beautiful velvet texture, saturated color and it resists wear and smudging. It’s your go-to lipstick. 

From Pure Nude to Pink Lyric to Chic Red, Round Lipstick is available in a jaw-dropping 144 shades.
(*Though most are not available locally)


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Give your Cheeks the VIP Treatment with Smashbox Red Carpet Radiance

Smashbox Red Carpet Radiance Palette (VIP)

Apart from hoarding lippies.... I have started going bonkers for blushes too.... So as soon as I saw this gorgeous palette- I knew I wanted it..... Its a handy travel palette with generous sizes ... and all the shades u might need on the go!

So got it some time back .... courtesy Ebay AND I am happy to say that its a beauty!

All blushes are wearable colours (I always wanted that matte brown and matte coral) and the highlighter too is pretty good!

 Price- Part of a Limited Edition Kit (I got it for about 1200 from ebay)

 What does the company Say:
Red Carpet Radiance Palette in VIP, with 0.19-oz Soft Lights in Shimmering Quartz (a creamy pink with high pearl); and 0.38-oz blush in Matte Flush(a golden beige); Shimmering Flush (a pink with warm shimmer); Matte Raspberry (a matte cool pink); and Shimmering Raspberry (a shimmering cool pink)


The swatches are labelled as below

  1. Blushes in Matte Flush(a golden beige); Applies more like peach (Love it for everyday!)
  2. Shimmering Flush (a pink with warm shimmer); Shimmer is not overtly visible
  3. Matte Raspberry (a matte cool pink); Applies like a Coral pink
  4. Shimmering Raspberry (a shimmering cool pink) Shimmer is fine and not too-much
  5. Soft Lights in Shimmering Quartz (a creamy pink with high pearl) - gorgeous champagne

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lip Loves: Two Must-Have Colours this Summer from Maybelline!

Maybelline Colorsensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick - Coral Pink & Bronze Orange

Price- Rs. 220/-

Quantity- 4g

 What does the company Say: 

  • Fall in love with color, all over again: Crisp Color from pure color pigments
  • Creamy Feel, with a built in lip balm
  • SPF 15 for sun protection
  • 16 Captivating Shades


Coral Pink

Bronze Orange

Left- Coral Pink, Right - Bronze Orange

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Little Black Dress for the Princess in You !

Avon Little Black Dress Body Spray 

 Price- Rs. 259

Quantity-  150ml

What does the company Say:
Perfect for every occasion. This timeless classic never goes out of fashion! Sparkling notes of honey suckle, gardenia, jasmine, sandalwood and cashmere musk make this one a must-have on your beauty rack.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Going Green with this Bourjois Eyeliner will make your eyes Enviable!

Bourjois Regard effect Duochrome Eyeliner - 60 Vert dore

 Price- Rs.330

 Quantity- 1.17g

 What does the company Say:



A colour spectrum effect
The duochrome effect is created by shimmer particles that change colour in the light.
With highly concentrated pigments, it highlights eyes with intense and luminous shades.

A gliding, soft lead
The comfortable, smooth and easy-to-blend formula, enriched with natural wax, makes easy application and intense colour in one stroke

My precious!

I luv it! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

This Lip bag from MAC is giving me Sultry Delights !

Mac Sultry Delights Lip Bag

Now how can I be a makeup addict and not have Mac in my collection!!! I have been there..seen it...tried it but  could not make myself spend 990/ for a lippie- Hell my sis has already got plenty of stuff from there (AND I initiated her into the world of makeup). So I thought that I should indulge myself a little too - especially when I saw this irresistible Lip bag which is good value for money!
Plus they are the shades I was sure I would like! Also I get this cutie-pie bag too!

I was on a self-enforced hiatus from buying lippies- but I broke it for THIS!

And I don't regret it one bit! :D

I think 1 more pink lipstick in my already large collection wouldn't hurt!  (and my depleting bank balance can just hang by a thread!!)

I am too happy looking at it to care!:)

 Price- Rs. 2400/-

 Contents- 1 Lipstick, 1 cremesheen glass, 1 lipliner


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Go Glam with Estee Lauder Pure Colour Crystal Lipstick : Review & Swatches

Estee Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick- Cherry Blossom & Firelight

I got these two beauties as a gift - these two were part of a travel exclusive set- there was one more which I gave to mom! I have been meaning to do this post for a long time but I realized the hand swatches were looking similar - so I did lip swacthes too! They are more accurate about how they look on lips.

Cherry Blossom- baby pink with fine silver shimmer which is non gritty
Firelight- a pale peach with subtle golden duochrome effect.

Price-$25 for full size

Size- 2.5g/Travel size (was part of a travel exclusive set)

What does the company Say:
Color so incredible, it leaves your lips wanting more.

True Vision™ technology takes ordinary color and makes it extraordinary.

In a seductive spectrum of sheer, brilliant shades, from sublime to vivid.

Maximized color impact
Magnified vibrancy, clarity and dimension
Amplified brilliance
All in a sheer formula.

In 2 seductive finishes:
Sheer, Crystal Creme
Brilliant, Crystal Shimmer
Sheer-to-medium, buildable coverage
Wears for hours
Stays color true

Enriched with lip-loving ingredients, including apricot kernel, shea butter and murumuru butter that leave lips soft and creamy smooth.

Beautiful packaging

Each lipstick has a tiny mirror tucked in the cover!

Left- Cherry blossom, Right - Firelight


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