Sunday, November 27, 2011

Order some Colour for your cheeks from Colorbar !

Colorbar Blushes - Peachy Rose & Cosmic Rose

I have a confession to make.....
I was a blush-virgin for almost until I got married..... and then
I used to have just one blush after my wedding :-O (which I had bought just prior to my wedding!)
and then .....
When I stumbled upon some pretty blushes like Physicians formula blush and Lakme earth Rose trio ….
I knew I was missing something…. & now I have a whole bunch of them…. In all shapes and colours!

One of the most frequently used, out of all of them, are the colorbar blushes…. :)

Colorbar blushes are available in many shades from shimmery to matte finishes.

The shades I am reviewing today are Peachy Rose and Cosmic Rose.
Peachy Rose is a coral-peach colour with shimmer and Cosmic Rose is a matte mauve blush.

Price- Rs.250 /-

Quantity- 6 g

What does the company Say:

Available in five shades, Plum Brown, Cosmic Rose, Fuchsia, Peachy Rose and Just Earth, the Blusher accentuates the cheek area giving a glow to the face. This talc free, silky powder contains a moisture balance formula that is easy to blend and keeps the skin smooth, hydrated and nourished for soft cheeks with just the right hint of color.


From Left to Right - Peachy Rose & Cosmic Rose

From Left to Right - Peachy Rose & Cosmic Rose

From Left to Right - Peachy Rose & Cosmic Rose

From Left to Right - Peachy Rose & Cosmic Rose

  • Many  colours to choose from - most would suit indian skin-tones
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Good pigmentation 
  • Soft and easily blendable
  • A mirror & brush are provided for touch-ups on the go - the brush is soft and usable unlike many scratchy brushes given with various blushes

  •  Lasting power(without primer) is about average on me - again my skin is very oily which doesn't help!
  •  More bright and unique shades should be added!

The Last Word:
 A very handy blush which comes reasonbly priced too! Any makeup-ista's delight I must say!
Good for those just starting on their blush-adventure !


  1. I just need to see the word Rose and I am hooked!! I even bought some of the nail paints from colorbar for the same reason:P

  2. Peachy rose is very pretty1 Even I was a no-blush girl up until 2 yrs back and since then booom I'm a mini blush addict myself!

  3. nice review i couldnt find peachy rose shade anywhr n chennai or online sites..=( its sucha pretty shade to miss!!

  4. I have the peachy rose and I'm in love with it

  5. very pretty shades sweety,,enjoy wearing them hun :)

  6. I like peachy rose..was always out of stock wen I I have tons of others..:)

  7. @emm- LOL happens with me too!

    @IBC- Yeah I know how it grows on u!

    @sunaa- Peachy rose was out of stock the first couple of times i asked - luckily i found it!

  8. @nivedita- M glad it works for u ! :)

    @namita- I do use them a lot! U can see the dents! :P

    @bhumika - It has a tendency to be out of stock - I wonder if its coz its supposedly a dupe of nars orgasm!

  9. i luv peachy rose colour...once am done with Maybelline's peachy rose blush...i'll get this..btw ithe swatches luk creamy..are they creamy in texture?

  10. @allaboutladies - They are powder blushes.They are layered heavily in the pics.
    Peachy rose has a satin texture(micro-shimmer)
    Cosmis rose is a matte blush




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