Thursday, November 17, 2011

M.I.A - A Busy Schedule & Some Website Trouble!

Hey guys,

I was  really busy few days back with work and deadlines... When I finally came back to my my utter horror it was mysteriously marked "Attack page!". Seems like some nasties were playing up... and not just with my site!

My fellow blogger "Indyabeauty" was also attacked similarly...

However, Many frantic work-hours later I was able to get my site back to its normal... non-attacking, friendly self!

I hope all of you are doing good .... with the holidays coming up... I only want the best of things to happen now!

Here's wishing the very best to all of my pals!!


  1. nwdays i see tht n few othr blogs too
    thts awfull,how could sombody can be so mean lyk tis
    hope evrythng is well nw & welcom bac gal
    i have given you blog award, do chec t out

  2. Thanks a lot sunaa!

    U made my day!

  3. Even I had a similiar xperience :| Nice blog:)Am following u Viva :)

  4. @ shweta-That was a very annoying thing - thankfully its over now! I wonder who did it?

    thanks for the appreciation!


  5. Ive seen it happening on quite a few blogs.. This is so sad. but im glad everything is fine now :)

  6. @divassence - thanks for ur support! :)



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