Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Itsy-bitsy Freebie which won me over! Bourjois Mini Eyeliner-06

Bourjois Color Exciting Mini Eyeliner-06

Price- Unknown


I got this as a freebie with some bourjois purchases a lil while back. Seriously I was smitten by this lil beauty the first time I saw it! I wanted it so much - I would have paid for it - if it was not free! :P

Bourjois apparently had a mini range too elsewhere in the world- I dunno if it still is sold in other places or only given as freebies... this one was in a sealed plastic pack - so its not a tester.

I would totally ike bourjois to launch the Mini range over here as it will allow us makeup junkies to buy & try more variety with burning smaller holes in our pocket!

This colour is shade-06. Its a lovely colour- a mix of olive+brown+gold - Like a lovely brownish Khaki I think.... It is a twist-up pencil - so no sharpening-no wastage!

It really looks good on my brown eyes- kind of accentuates them in a nice understated way- but I think it will look good on all Indian girls- its such a universally flattering colour- especially when you don't wont full-powered black on your eyes!
The good news is ,,,,,,as told by the SA- this color exciting eyeliner range is launching soon here. :D

Pics & Swatches: 
The freebie that deserved its own post! shade - 06

I hope You can see all the lovely colours in this (Its a bit more brown- but difficult to capture all its beauty!)

  • Amaaaaaaazing colour- gives a nice pop to your eyes - would suit all indian girls.
  • It was Free LOL !!!
  • Purse friendly size
  • This size- if retailed would be cheaper too!
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Not available in India yet!
  • No mini range available here either!
The Last Word:
A must-try if you can get your hands on this. I wish Bourjois would launch these eyeliners here soon. I wish they would launch the whole mini-bourjois range too!(it's a potential million-dollar idea in today's economically fragile times!). Imagine you can try so much more ...without buying full size (which we never end up using totally most of the times!)

I wish they would launch mini sets of different coloured eyeliners... like Urban decay and even Bourjois- like they do in other countries - like a holiday edition...(We celebrate Christmas too over here you know!!!)

Till then... I am afraid of this one running out! 


  1. gorgeous !
    I love olive greens...if they launch mini liners..I would buy many !! I cannot finish anything :(

  2. @bhumika- Same Pinch!!!!!
    I do wish they launch a mini range here- I would buy everything!!!



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