Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An itsy-bitsy-tiny-mini Bourjois Haul !!!

So you guys must wonder where I wander off sometimes.... but what can I say...

Anyways my laptop is currently hogged by my hubby tubby... so me not getting much time for my blog!

So what do I do when I am not writing about makeup.... I think about it... then eventually I end up buying stuff... like these little beauties below...(though I m trying hard to not-buy!)

So on my trip to the mall at Tagore garden.... I angled over to Bourjois (don't you love their counter!)deciding I need to swatch their eyeliners... I was hunting for a nice jewel purple eyeliner..(its another thing that the only thing I did not buy is a purple eyeliner!:P )

So I decided to buy this duochrome green liner - I was having a secret crush on for a loooooong time!
(I had to buy something... I had swatched nearly every eyeliner the SA had!)

Then it happened... my inner lipstick junkie could not resist those bourjois lipies.... and I swatched them...
fell in love with this colour.... I said yes when she said she would give me a freebie too (She was sweet unlike that rude SA in GIP noida) :)

So here's my mini haul...
Got myself another lippie and an eyeliner! (the mini one is the freebie!)

Framboise exquisite

love the packaging!

Fell for it hook,line & sinker!

had been lusting for this colour for a while!

Amaaaazing freebie! LOVE the colour!
Now this freebie is the first one I used among these 3.... I just loved the colour..... This freebie deserves its own post!!!

watch out girls!!

Tell me what other bourjois products I should try next...


  1. Viva, The color of the lippie looks beautiful, do post a review of that, want to know the staying power :)

  2. loved ur itsy bitsy haul,,the lip shade looks fab :)

  3. Wow!! Hey, could you review the freebie please? I have never seen it. Looks so cute and interesting!!

  4. @zestful uzma- I will do so soon :)

    @namita- Thanks! :D Lipsticks are my weakness- esp pretty pinks

    @nivedita- Did it already!



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