Monday, December 5, 2011

My Experience with + Inglot Haul!

After reading the ever-so-lovely Indian Beauty Central's awe-inspiring and amazing posts on Inglot Cosmetics (also the 30% discount scheme!), I could no longer hold-on to my self-control about no-more lippie buying sprees - and I did what comes naturally to me.... HAULed!

It was a pleasant  and smooth shopping experience shopping with shopatmajorbrands .. the order arrived within 5 days I think.

I chose COD as it was my first time shopping with them. I chose freedom system products - 4 shades of lippies, 2 blushes and 1 eyeshadow(Coz I already have too many that I don't use often!)
Ordering online was tough as many shades are sometimes much different in person!

The total cost prior to discount was Rs.2050/-

Blush- 350/-
AMC Blush- 400/-
eyeshadow - 300/-
Each Lipsticvk - 250/ (X4)

Total cost After 30% discount was Rs.1435/- (yippeeeeeee! Discount of Rs615/-)

I also received a sms when they dispatched the package (although I wish they did so Before office hours begin!)

Outer package- Losse plastic cover

Detailed invoice included inside

Everything packaged compact and strong

Another package inside! - 2 different packages inside for 1)lip and 2)powder products

My Haul! :)

Lip shades -26,68,14,10 (it is pink-er than looks here!)
2 blushes- #20 and #58(AMC), 1 Eyeshadow #D.S.463
Now I now the swatches are what you really want to see- BUT I did not want to touch them as I really wanted a nice Home for my darlings first.... So I did what any kid does in a candy store (That is how you feel inside an Inglot store!!!)....Went crazy!!! So I got myself a nice freedom sytem palette..... and ........some eyeshadows!(yeah yeah I know what I said earlier- But what harm will a couple more do! :P)

Finally I have Placed them together.........  They look Gorgeous!

Swatches and The Final Act coming soon........

BTW Who likes rainbows here??


  1. Wow! Lovely haul babe! I have the same eyeshadow- 463 DS.. It doubles up as a lovely highlighter too! Waiting for the swatches. :)

  2. Oh btw following you now. You have a lovely blog. :*

  3. lovely colors!!! :) I love rainbows.. its such a joy to see so many colors at once! :)

  4. u got the discount now? or a couple of months earlier?

  5. i too hauled inglot sometime back..head over heels in love!

  6. wow,,all pretty shades :)
    m now waiting for the swatches,, have not tried any inglot stuff till now, but would love to do so in near future..

  7. i am so lemming to try those Inglot e/s.. droolsss! i want!.. needs to add inglot on my wishlist haha good luck to me

  8. @ThePURPLEspirit -Thanks! :) We have good taste! :P I am gonna do the swatches soon!

    @Divassence- I am smitten too!

  9. @Kejal- I hauled them a month back I guess. I got busy so this is a delayed post! I havn't started using them as yet! :P

    @Vanity- Great! Wat all did u get?

  10. @Namita- Do give Inglot a try! I m sure u will like it!

    @Bhumika- Thanks! :D

    @Diane- Do let me know when you buy them! I am sure to drool all over ur blog then! :P
    Actually I already do! Great Blog!



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