Saturday, April 6, 2013

Never Hide !!! Lotus Multi-function Sunblock SPF-70 PA+++

Lotus Multi-function Sunblock SPF-70 PA+++

With the sun rays already getting hot and harsh - one can't always have enough sun-protection.
Especially if you have skin that easliy tans and burns.......
With the indian sun - I often feel SPF 40 if a lil less..... so this newer sunblock seemed like the better version of my trusted Lotus 3in1 matte look daily sunblock.

If you are wondering what exactly are all the mathematical equations on the tube- here is the breakdown
"SPF stands for sun protection factor which seems simple enough. The number that follows usually a 15 or 30 represents the amount of UVB protection the lotion provides. The higher the number the more the sunscreen provides. There is currently no standard measurement for UVA protection. Just to remind you that UVB rays do not pass through windows, but are the sun rays that cause skin cancer. UVA rays do pass through windows and are more responsible for aging the skin.
An SPF rating of 15 means the sunscreen blocks out 93% of the UVB rays and SPF 30 blocks out 97% of those same rays. So wearing SPF 30 doesn't mean you can stay in the sun twice as long. Always look for a suncreen that is "wide spectrum" since it will block both types of rays.
PA rankings are listed as PA+, PA++ or PA+++ with the more plus symbols the more protection from UVA rays, the rays that may cause long term skin damage and therefore age the skin." (Source1, Source2 )

I have used up almost the whole tube now - mostly during late winters. I think I can now safely present my opinion on it.
Her it goes.....

 Price- Rs. 495/-

 Quantity- 60g

 What does the company Say:
A revolutionary, preservative-free, light weight formulation containing potent herbal extracts with multiple benefits.

High UVA & UVB Protection.
Tan Prevention.
Prevention of brown spots & pigmentation.
Skin Lightening benefits.
Anti-wrinkle benefits.
Protection from freckles, sun spots & sun burn.
Anti-ageing properties.
Health prevention – helps prevent skin cancer.
Carrot & Avocado Extracts: healing properties that soften, smoothen and nourish skin.
Preservative free safe formula.

Avocado & Carrot extracts have healing properties that soften, smoothen & nourish skin. The easy to blend texture gives non sticky & clean feel. 

Preservative Free: Safe Sun Daily Multi-Function Sunblock is free from harmful preservatives like parabens, which may cause health problems like breast cancer.

Oil Free : A light weight non-sticky oil free formulation. 

Directions: Apply Safe Sun Daily Multi-Function Sunblock liberally & evenly on face & exposed parts (body, neck, arms, legs etc.) before exposure to sun.

Pics & Swatches:
Lotus Daily Multi-function sunblock SPF 70 PA+++

Lotus Sunblock  SPF 70  swatch - u can see its tinted like a foundation


  • SPF 70 & PA+++
  • Reasonably priced for the quantity and for the range of benefits offered
  • Preservative free safe formula
  • It is also tinted like a foundation and so helps even out the skintone
  • Gives some amount of moisturization too - so basically more like a BB Cream.... SPF+Coverage+moisturization+anti-ageing benefits
  • One step shortcut to better skin for rushy mornings!
  • Blends & sits comfortably on skin - not like a choking, sweaty plastic sheet that most sunscreens seem- to my skin!
  • No whitish cast
  • Dry skin girls would probably love it.


  • Now I have reasonably well-behaved skin but Everytime I use this for some time - I tend to get more breakouts/little bumps on my skin - this does not happen with the lotus 3 in 1 matte sunblock. I carefully searched the whole package but it does not say : non-comedogenic - So beware that it can trouble sensitive skins. 
  • It does not control oil or offer me the matte finish I like in summers.... can get a lil greasy after a while
  • I think its more suitable for winter use for oily skinnies rather than summers

 The Last Word:
I like most things about this sunblock - high SPF and PA+++ .... quite a bit of coverage for everyday wear and many-many great-sounding promises on the tube. However my skin tends to not agree with it .... so I am back to my 3in1 matte. If your skin is friendly with it then you my friend have found a keeper!
However I wish the price could be a little less...... would perhaps then become the staple of many beauties.


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  3. hmm, i will stick to my 3 in 1 too, thanks for the frank review



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