Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Slay the Neutral trend with Perfectly flesh from Avon Nailwear pro+

Name - Avon nailwear pro+
Price- INR 149
Quantity-  8ml

I am so much into low maintenance natural nails nowadays. Yeah a manicue is a luxury with 2 small kids. Luckily classic neutral colours are on trend right now.
The best is to stick to neutrals which don't chip easily and even when they do-its less obvious.

One such good colour for neutral lovers is Avon's nailwear pro+ in colour "perfectly flesh"
Its a perfect everyday neutral light coral pink. I just love the colour.. the payoff is nice i. 2 coats and lasts 3-4 days on average


Overall a pretty color worth buying at this price.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Never say never....

Hello there..... I feel like Sandra Bullock in 'Gravity' right now...... thrown into chaos by some showers of my own!! Also totally can relate to speaking into a void......
So if any of you are still reading this blog out there.... I am here.. I am alive and kicking.... and I plan to  continue to write over here... maybe microblogging for a while...

The reason for my absence.... if having one kid obliterates your social life.... imagine having TWO in quick succession!! 
And I thought ...never..again... one was enough! Boy was I in for a surprise!

Yeah babes... I became a Mommy again to another baby boy.... hats off to every mother ever!!  I took time off literally everything to focus on my 2 jumping jacks..... now that they are a bit manageable... I plan to reclaim my life as it were.. slowly and steadily...

To all moms and wives and girlfriends out there... never lose yourself.. who you are and what you really enjoy doing.. these are the things that make you.....YOU!

And yeah 2 boys.... there goes all my makeup and beauty expertise.... maybe I should wait for my daughter-in-laws....if I am still alive.... I reckon they would find me quite a catch!!! Lol

Ahhh that felt so good.... 

Knock knock.... anybody home?


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