Saturday, March 16, 2013

When One Lipstick turned into a Chambor Haul

You can take the addict out of makeup(my hubby-tubby does try!) but you cannot take makeup out of the crazy-a$$-addict like me! :-D

So even when I am too busy to take out time for  my beloved blog..... the thoughts are never far from my mind! So I thought I would share some pics with you for the time being....

This is the haul I did quite sometime back....... when I wanted 'only' the desert rose powder matte lipstick real bad (more like it was a lemming that refused to go!)... so when I saw this gorgeous coral/peach blush/eyeshadow duo up for grabs on purchase of 3 chambor products...I did what any makeup addict would do - hauled up on one of my favourite makeup brands- Chambor!

Does it happen to you too - you plan to purchase one thing and end up buying 3 ??

When I decide to haul impulsively like this - I usually decide on pieces I would actually use.. usually have an eyeliner ... its one of my staples- and this one was very durable and intense black..... also lip pencil in a nude colour..... goes with almost any lipstick... or even on its own.

Haul time!!!

Chambor Powder matte Lipstick- desert rose

Matte Lipstick, lip tattoo lipliner, black eyeliner pencil and blush duo(free)

Blush/eyeshadow duo Vieux  Rose 3- FREE!
The lipstick is a very elegant shade of rose..... very brightening and chic....I am in love with it!
For now I cannot bring myself to smudge the pretty roses on the blush duo----- its just so prettyyyyyyyyyyyy like this!!!!

Review and swatches coming up soon!


  1. Nice haul dear. Treating oneself after long days' work feels pretty rewarding . Nice haul, But i am more looking towards the duo :P

    1. Thanks Nivedita! I do like to reward myself after working so hard! :P
      I shall post the Duo swatches soon!

  2. hehe..sometimes I plan to buy nothing and end up buying piles!! :P :D
    Nice post

    1. LOL ! :D Yeah happens to me all the time..... Damn my purse has a big blackhole in it!

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