Friday, September 16, 2011

Lip Loves: My Favourite Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks : Review & Swatches

Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks- Mauve, Soft Rose, Fuchsia

This is a much delayed post for one lipstick I really love and adore which is Revlon Colorburst! I bought one in the colour Mauve when they launched, fell in love with it- and now I have three of them (with plenty on my mind for my next trip to the mall!)

By now all of you must be aware about the rave reviews this lipsrtick has got (not without reason!).
Revlon has now extended this line to include Lip glosses too - I bought one in papaya recently ( Review coming soon!)
This post is about my favourite colours from the colorburst lipsticks. I like creamy colours better than shimmery one and avoid frosted lipsticks like the plague! So here they are.....

Price- Rs.580/- (Raised form Rs. 550/- recently :( )

Quantity- 3.7g

What does the company Say: 
Instant burst of rich, true color with a featherlight feel
-Elasticolor™ technology provides immediate color release and hugs lips with a burst of weightless color that feels like a second skin
Moisturizers & antioxidants, including sweet almond oil, improve skin texture
- Beautiful packaging, with premium bullet lipstick case and embossed Revlon logo on bullet

Swatches & Pics: 

Beautiful packaging with coloured tops!

Classy quilted design

From Left to Right - Mauve, Soft Rose, Fuchsia

Guess my Favourite!

From Left to Right - Mauve, Soft Rose, Fuchsia

From Left to Right - Mauve, Soft Rose, Fuchsia

What the colours look like on lips!

  • It is beautiful to look at - elegant design and packaging !
  • It is very moisturizing and comfortable to wear
  • Long-Lasting - about 4-5 hours ... will leave a beautiful tint even after it fades (evenly!)
  • Does not dry the lips or emphasize lip lines
  • The coloured top of the cap helps in locating the right colour (esp if u have a huge bunch of them!)

  • Expensive - The tag of 580/- does limit how many shades u will buy!
  • The pigmentation will not give you a 'burst' of colour in 1 swipe flat :( which means you have to swipe it 2-3 times at least to get the true colour on lips.(which also means you will run out of this lipstick faster!)
  • Some new colours are not launched in India!
The Last Word:
If you are a lipstick-lover - You MUST HAVE one of these in ur kit ! They will soon become a staple in ur purse...:)
As for me i am already looking for excuses to buy another one... :P

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  1. Very pretty shades, I specially like the fuchsia. These are on the expensive side though...but you seem to have quite a handful, lucky you. :)



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