Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colour me Happy ! My 4 Favourite Avon Ultra color Rich Lipsticks : Review & Swatches

Avon Ultra color Rich Lipstick -Available in 25 shades

I wanted to try these Avon lippies - as I wanted to add some fun, new colours to my collection - at a lower cost!So when they came on offer - I ordered these shades immediately- I crossed my fingers and waited for my package!
I am always apprehensive about choosing lipstick from a catalogue- inevitably the colours will not be what you thought - resulting in some disappointment !
I did some research and ordered carefully - overlooking the swatches in catalogue!

However my research paid off - I am very happy with all the colours (for the first time in a blind shopping spree!! ) All of the are creamy(non-shimmery- Thanks god!) and bright, fun colours - just what I wanted!

Price- Rs.269/- (Variable discounts as per catalouge - I got mine for Rs.319/- for 2!!)

Quantity- 3.6g

What does the company Say:
Avon's best-selling lipsticks - 24 sold every hour!
Full colour, full moisture, full shine for fuller lips that look and feel smooth!
Instantly releases rich colour with creamy, sequinned, shimmery texture.
Formulated with vitamin e and jojoba to hydrate lips and seal in moisture, so lips stay smooth.

Swatches & Pics:

New additions!

Comes packaged in bubble wrap inside the carton

Viva Pink - A blue based bright pink !

Twig - Pinky-beige-brownish shade (supposedly dupe for MAC twig!)

Rose Mauve - A Mauve shade

Rose Wine - A bright Coral kind of colour

Viva pink!- truly my kinda pink!(looks less purple in reality!)

Twig- Lovely medium brown !

Rose Mauve -  a deeper but wearble mauve!

Rose wine - misleading name !


  • Good pigmentation - 1 swipe will give you rich colour 
  • Texture is smooth to apply
  • Available in many shades(25) with all kind of finishes - creamy, shimmery and sequinned - I prefer creamy! (All 4 shades shown here are from creamy range.)
  • Almost free from any strong perfume/aroma- very faint lipstick smell can be traced if smelled closely!
  • Gives good lasting power for its price - about 3 hours or so.
  • The packaging is good enough - Plain black sturdy oval kinda bullet with a silver ring in the middle!

  • With all the time fuller is mentioned - I don't think it enhances your natural lip size!
  • Swatches given in brochure are NEVER accurate! So always better to research online for swatches or ask your  Avon representative for trials!

The Last Word:

Its certainly a good lipstick to have in your collection - if anything for trying out new colours. Does give full value for money! Brochure swatches should be more accurate - also please include more creamy, wearable shades- like corals and peaches! (I wonder who wears all those dark browns and maroons ALL the time??)
The shades mentioned above should take the guesswork out of your search for nice wearable bright colours - in summers as well as winters!

What do you say- tried them yet?


  1. loved twig and rose wine..u got awesome lips..I guess m saying this 2nd time na :/

  2. Yeah :) but i really appreciate ur comments!

    Yeah they are nice shades - give them a go next time! what's ur current fav lipstick??

  3. getting hold of viva for sure
    lovely pout

  4. the texture & color payoff look really nice but you are right, they need to revamp their shade selection

  5. @ Indian beauty central
    I know...
    Hope they read this!!! :)
    Thanks for following!

  6. Waiting for my Twig and Rose Mauve, cant believe you have the swatches! Rose mauve was a bit of a gamble for me, but now I'm glad I got it...looks great! Thanks for the detailed pictures Viva :)

  7. @Keerthi - Thanks for the nice words :)
    I believe swatches are even more necessary for avon and oriflame coz u can't see them before u order. Rose mauve is a lovely shade- both will delight you!



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