Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oriflame Giordani Gold Ruby Lipstick – Antique Rose : Review & Swatches

Oriflame Giordani gold Ruby Lipstick – Antique Rose
Price- Rs.498/- (Rs.345/- this month introductory offer)

Quantity- 4g

What does the company Say:
Infused with real ruby powder for perfect radiance in a range of classic colours. “Captivatingly radiant, sophisticated colours”

Swatches & Pics: 

Antique Rose

4-5 swipes !!

Even on partially pigmented lips - it does not show up!

  • Available in 15 colours ranging from  nude to plums & mauves
  • Good looking packaging
  • People who have perfect pink/unpigmented lips and like very sheer lipsticks(read-hard to show-up) might find some shades interesting


  • Very sheer coverage – even 4-5 swipes don’t show up the colour as in tube!
  • Does not feel very moisturizing
  • I fail to see the “ruby’s radiance” – not shiny!
  • Very Expensive for a lipstick which has nothing special performance-wise
  • Swatches not accurate
  • Available through Oriflame consultants only!
  • Feels very average on the lips – I can’t comment on staying power because I can hardly see the colour when freshly applied

The Last Word: A total miss for me - I did not find any redeeming qualities whatsoever except the packaging!
Won't buy it again!


  1. You know saved my money..I was going to buy it online..but now i won't.

  2. seems like u r a lippy maniac like me :D

  3. @ Vertu - Glad I could save ur money if not mine!! :P

    @ Neha - HELL YEAH!!! even I don't know how many exactly I have - At last count they were above 75-80 or something! :D



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