Saturday, September 24, 2011

Get Smashing lips with these Smashbox Lip Glosses! Swatches & Review

Smashbox Lip Glosses - Radiant & Divine

These were part of the 'Wish for the perfect pout' Collection in 2010. My sister got these as a gift last year and we divided the glosses amongst ourselves (We are 4 sisters!) Luckily the lip gloss set had something for each one of us - sheer 'Baby pout' for our lil sis, glam 'Candid' for my glamourous sis and these two for ME ! She brought many other things so I ended up with 2 of these!
Thanks to my sis I have these 2 beautiful glosses I might never have bought myself!

Price- $29 (for the whole set)

Quantity- 4.2ml

What does the company Say:
These are some of their best selling shades put together in a collection. They are award winning glosses by smashbox! Wish for the Perfect Pout!
'Wish for the Perfect Pout' collection - Divine & Radiant (last 2 shown)

Top-Radiant, Bottom- Divine

Top-Radiant, Bottom- Divine
Left- Divine, Right - Radiant

  • They are non-sticky
  • Wonderful value for money set
  • Can be built up for good coverage or worn sheerly
  • Faint vanilla kinda smell -  its within my tolerance!
  • Non-chunky shimmer
  • Longer lasting than average glosses (until you eat - at which point glosses have to give up!)
  • Non-availability in India
  • Not all colours are suitable for people with pigmented lips
The Last Word:
These two are among my favourites... wish I could try more colours! I especially love Radiant - good everyday pink gloss! Now I am hooked to Smashbox!


  1. Nice review al des luvly products has availablity issues =/

  2. Yeah Sunaa,I know!

    We still have to depend on relatives or Ebay! :)

    I wish these companies know what they are missing!

  3. Yeah it is! :)

    thanks for al the encouraging comments!



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