Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Discover the Romance with The Body Shop Morrocan Rose EDT

The Body Shop Morrocan Rose EDT
Price- Rs.895/-

Quantity- 50ml

What does the company Say: 
Fragrance personality: A fresh, sophisticated and feminine rose fragrance that captures the beauty and romance of Valentines
Family: floral
  • Top notes: Rose, floral, spice
  • Middle notes: Rose, mimosa, orange
  • Base notes: Rose, cedarwood, vanilla, musk
Pics :

Ahhh... Roses...

Made in France!

  • 3 words - I Love it!!! Its my second bottle and I plan to keep buying this on a loop!
  • Very wearable, chic fragerance which you can wear in daytime as well as night
  • I can smell the roses, vanilla and some orange- all my fav's
  • People have given compliments and asked what perfume I was wearing! (doesn't that make your day?)
  • Made in France! All good perfume  has to be from france....(I think!)

  •  A little Expensive! 
  • I wish it would last a little longer - usually lasts 4 hours or so
The Last Word:
I love it, even with this price tag it seems totally worth it! The eternal romantic in me  will always make me re-purchase it! :)


  1. nice review and thanks for the lovely comment. ur blog looks amazing! keep up the good work and following u rt back :)

  2. @indianmakeupways- Thanks a lot for ur encouraging words!!! :)



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