Friday, September 23, 2011

Red HOT ! Deborah Milano Lipstick Rosetto Atomic Red Mat - Review & Swatches!

Deborah Lipstick Rosetto Atomic Red Mat - 01

Price- Rs.560

Quantity- Not mentioned!

What does the company Say:
Satiny mat lipstick. Ultra-comfortable glide-on formula for velvety smooth lips that stay perfect all day long. Hypoallergenic.*
Strudy matte black packaging

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A closer match to actual look

  • A comfortable,smooth lipstick which gives a matte effect - but without being dry
  • It actually glides on and does not make your lips feel dry
  • Rich pigmentation- 1 swipe will give u intense colour!
  • Beautiful soft red colour - will suit most fair to medium skin tones
  • It brightens up my face (somehow deborah lippies do that to me!)
  • It does not last the whole day as claimed! Eating etc will result in the colour fading from inner lips - since its a strong colour - hence more noticable
  • A bit on the expensive side! Rs.300 would be a more appropriate pricing!
The Last Word:
 I love matte lipsticks and Deborah Milano has given me some very good choices with their shades (I like sophisticated, bright but wearable colours) - Most other brands have shades too dark for my taste...

This lipstick is an awesome red colour - not too bold but gives a very good impact -best red lipstick I have worn! But its lasting power leaves more to be desired....

Deborah has some limited but good shades! This lipstick was one of my first purchases from this company and I have found my HG matte lipstick in their 24 ore Extreme Long Lasting lipstick range - which is similar in price but has rich colour+lasting power-  for review click HERE).
If you like matte lipsticks - do give this brand a try! :)


  1. wow nice berry shade...luv it

    gotta gr8 blog..follow'n u!!

  2. i jes did follow'n bt it dint show up..i will do it again til 't comes up dear!

  3. I do like matte shades and I have never tried this brand, guess I should give this a try!

  4. Deborah has some nice shades.... Do let me know how you found them!

    Today i went to deborah and could not find my HG shade 09!!! :(
    I hope they did not discontinue it!

  5. Thanks a lot for this review. I wanted to buy this online and since the shades aren't named I was having a really hard time because I need the colour to be just right. This review helped greatly :) thanks :*

    <3 Adi
    My blog - Coffee. Beauty. Life.

    1. Thanks Adi :)
      I am glad if this post saved even one person some trouble! :P

      Its a lovely shade btw



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