Saturday, November 5, 2011

Like Shiny Disco Balls???Revlon Skinlights Illuminator Lotion- Review & Swatch!

Revlon Skinlights Illuminator Lotion - Peach Light

Price- Rs.750/-


What does the company Say:
Crystal complex with vitamin C & E evens skintone for all-over radiance.

Helps improve complexion.

Oil-free - no animal, vegetable or mineral oil

Peach Light
A sturdy pump dispenser

a golden coloured liquid

Blended Swatch

  •  A little goes a long way with this product... 45ml is a good quantity provided coz you only need a little at specific ares to highlight and give a glowy appearance. I bought this about 2 years ago and I still have loads of it left!(which will probably expire before I use it!)
  • It can be mixed with foundation too... But applying it all over the face gives oily looking results!!! Yikes! To make matters worse I have oily skin and this way it makes me look More OILY than Glowy.... I find better results when it is applied SPARINGLY on key areas which you want to highlight - like cheekbones, browbone etc. 
  • It has no annoying shimmery, 'disco' particles
  • A dispensing pump is hygenic
  • Expensive at 750/- 
  • Now they have the powder version of this too available which will  perhaps be better for oily-skinnies like me! However I like the colorstay mineral finishing powder much better than this (Review HERE)
  • I think unless you are using this illuminator on hands and body etc also regularly - this size is a little TOO big for 1 person - I wish they decreased the size which will make it more affordable !
The Last Word:
 I think this would be more suitable for dry skinned gals provided you use such things a lot... The high cost factor doesn't help either!
I have found that the same effect can be achieved for much less by using Oriflame Peach me Perfect skin glow (Rs 279/- Review coming soon!)


  1. i have the street wear one and loathe it totally!

  2. Hie :) m new to your blog..just subbed in..

    nice blog dear
    and also..nice review.I was skeptical few days back when I was at the revlon counter whether to buy this or not,,you hav helped me now,, thnx

  3. Glad I cud help Ya! :)

    Thanks for the good words!

    C ya around!

  4. nice review..n yeah u r right not so gud for oily skin or combo skin ppl like me..

  5. @allaboutladies - Yeah - I still dont know what to do with whats left- Can't go all 'illuminated' esp on body- to work everyday!




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