Monday, September 5, 2011

Oriflame Very Me - No Time for Shine Powder: Review & swatches

Oriflame Very Me - No Time for Shine Powder - Matte Light

Price- Rs. 249/- (Varies with discounts as applicable) I got it for about 143/-

Quantity- 9g

What the company Says- Mattifying formula absorbs oil and keeps skin looking fresh when you need it. Coneals imperfections without hiding your natural skin tone. Comes in two shades - Matte Light and Matte Latte


The outer cover print got smudgy from the HOT summers of Delhi!

Matte Light  - Made in UK ! So far so good!


  • Does mattify the face - at least for a couple of hours!
  • Blends well with my skin tone - a good match!
  • Soft applicator
  • Made in UK (I don't want to sound like a haughty British BUT a relief from all the Made in CHINA stuff we always see from other brands!)
  • Affordable - Could have been a regular feature in my handbag IF ONLY...( read further)

  •  No Mirror ! :O Why would you NOT include a mirror in a Compact meant for touch ups during the day & NO it does not last the whole day (if that is indeed the reason Oriflame did not include it!) Its a cardinal sin in this case( me thinks that the company was only cutting costs!) and can be a 'deal breaker' for this otherwise decent product! Increase the price by 10 bucks( a small mirror will never cost a big company that much ..) but INCLUDE a mirror next time!
  • Requires touch-ups during the day (my skin gets super oily and sweaty!)
  • only light coverage for skin spots etc ( I was not expecting the concealer claim to be true anyways!)
  • Cheap packaging - The outer print smudged after a few days of outing in my handbag - thankfully not staining something important! The Upper lid has also separated from the pan now - poor durability!
  • Only available through Oriflame reps.

The Last Word: It has the potential of being a budget friendly compact for many college girls (their apparant target group for VERY ME range) ONLY if they included a mirror! I'll pass it the next time!

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