Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wats ur turq quotient?? Max factor Nail polish Grafitti

Name - Max factor max effects nathousanwith  polish- Gshow launched4)I preferefer  Price- Rs. 245
 Quantity-4.5 ml

Did I ever mention that I love turquoise?! That and lime green!
 Yep I do- nothing beats the blues like a dashing turq!!

I chanced upon this pretty thing on one of my just-looking-around trips- and ended up buying this plus two others!!

Damn now the nail polish fiend has me!!


Pretty colour
Applies smooth
Decent staying power

need 2-3 coats for the
 intensity to show up

The Last Word: an impulse pick- though with now color show launched- i prefer those!!

When One Lipstick turned into a Chambor Haul

You can take the addict out of makeup(my hubby-tubby does try!) but you cannot take makeup out of the crazy-a$$-addict like me! :-D

So even when I am too busy to take out time for  my beloved blog..... the thoughts are never far from my mind! So I thought I would share some pics with you for the time being....

This is the haul I did quite sometime back....... when I wanted 'only' the desert rose powder matte lipstick real bad (more like it was a lemming that refused to go!)... so when I saw this gorgeous coral/peach blush/eyeshadow duo up for grabs on purchase of 3 chambor products...I did what any makeup addict would do - hauled up on one of my favourite makeup brands- Chambor!

Does it happen to you too - you plan to purchase one thing and end up buying 3 ??

When I decide to haul impulsively like this - I usually decide on pieces I would actually use.. usually have an eyeliner ... its one of my staples- and this one was very durable and intense black..... also lip pencil in a nude colour..... goes with almost any lipstick... or even on its own.

Haul time!!!

NOTD: Lace up your nails in this trend !!

I just love all things feminine... Pink....pastels....bows.....hearts..... laces.....:)

You all know laces and sheers are trending right now.... I saw some lace nail-stickers online but sadly much like most avante-garde makeup products- not easily available in India....

But ..I was literally craving for this look.....Mind you this is my second attempt at nail art..I saw something like this on one blog and hence decided to try it....
So I created my own lace pattern with apparently one of the hottest selling konad plates- M57.
Also used as a base- Maybelline Colorama cafe latte, For black stamping polish- I used streetwear tiny bottle- black.

It combines 2 plate designs as shown below
M-57 Konad Plate

Step 1 - Apply base coat(I used maybelline cafe latte) - let it dry
Step 2 - Apply/stamp edge design( above right hand side)  first at the tips of your nails to create lace border.
Step 3- Apply net design in the same plate - carefully matching and placing it just above the lace border.
Is gets simpler after the first1-2 nails...... really I did it in 15 min I think... its easier than it looks.Tip- Place the stamp with the pattern on the side of the nail - match and roll+press from side to side.
Step 4- Clean the surrounding area of your nails( yeah they will get messy- with the net straying over your cuticles and beyond!)
Step 5 - Apply top coat.
I also tried to apply top coat before stamping- but it  gets smudged with the stamp edge- so only apply it at the end.

Ta it is


 Its not perfect but after the top coat it lasted a looooooong time and I had many-many compliments.
You can it with different bases or just use the net one if you are a beginner.


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