Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Little Black Dress for the Princess in You !

Avon Little Black Dress Body Spray 

 Price- Rs. 259

Quantity-  150ml

What does the company Say:
Perfect for every occasion. This timeless classic never goes out of fashion! Sparkling notes of honey suckle, gardenia, jasmine, sandalwood and cashmere musk make this one a must-have on your beauty rack.


  • I really love the smell. Previously I preferred Little White Dress(still like it a LOT) but when I got this - I became fond of this too - Its the more sophisticated scent of the two - Little white dress is a bit more floral and flirty. This one is enigmatic and floral/woody types
  • Its fairly priced (I got it for 150/- on discount)
  • Quantity is good
  • Lasting power is average , I guess about 3 hours or so - So I have ordered the EDP too now (Yeah I have a thing for collecting perfumes too!)
  • I like to throw this on when I can't make up my mind about what scent to wear  - seems to go with all my moods :P
  • I read somewhere this is sort of a dupe for Vera Wang Princess - also it supposedly sells really well at avon


  • I guess the lasting power  - but hey its just a body spray! Although the Yardley one lasts longer!

 The Last Word:
Its a perfect name and the perfect accessory for your LBD and a dinner date! Always better to try out the body spray to see if it 'fits' you than to invest in the EDP!

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