Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NOTD- Revlon Nail Paint in Midnight Shine

Revlon Nail Enamel- Midnight Shine

I was always more of a lipstick junkie... currently I find myself drawn to nail paints- in their full rainbow glory!
 Gone  are the days of my pinks and nudes- I am enjoying the unusual shades now- greens, turquoise, hot and brights & metallic et al!

I had been eyeing a metallic green nail polishfor a while now ( ppossibly after getting hypnotised by Chanel's Peridot)- this one come quite close to the duochrome effect I had in mind!
Now its no Chanel but its gorgeous and gives a good bang for ur buck!

Price- Rs.130/-
Quantity- 8 ml


U can see the gold and the green !

How did  you guys like this colour??- there was a similar shade in Streetwear divine shine too(more blueish) but they chip too soon!
I will be posting more of my nail polish madness soon....


  1. lovely this is the exact shade i've had on my mind,will check this out soon

    1. :D Good Luck! I am still hunting for a second one for my sis :(



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