Monday, February 27, 2012

Want some LOVE...Get Avon Valentine Color Bliss Lipstick- Review & Swatches !!

Avon Valentine Color Bliss Lipstick- Coral Pink & Fresh Rose

Quantity- 3.5g

Price- Rs 169/- (On offer right Now- 1 for 119, 2 for 199)

What does the Company Say:
Avon has launched these special edition shades for valentines day. They are in the Simply Pretty Color bliss formula. You can read my full review on them Here.
Since I am a hopeless lipstick junkie- I could not resist the offer and got two of them as they seemed so cute!

Avon says

  • Blissful medium to full colour finish with added natural moisturizing complex that help retain moisture and improve suppleness
  • Contains vitamin E. 
  • Glides on smoothly, makes lips look instantly softer & smoother. 
  • Feels lightweight and non-sticky.

Brochure Pic - 4 shades available

Coral Pink

Fresh Rose

Pretty  LOVE detailing

Top- Coral Pink, Bottom- Fresh Rose

Left- Coral Pink, Right- Fresh Rose

Left- Coral Pink, Right- Fresh Rose

  • Avon made a good effort to include chic shades like coral and such a pretty pink, the icing on the cake is that they embossed LOVE on it! It spells Valentine all the way....alsoperfect for upcoming spring/summer!
  • The pricing is great- 199/- for two of these is a steal! They deliver their 100/- bucks worth!
  • These two are very pretty colours- especially the fresh rose- it would suit most fair to medium skin tones. Avon should make these permanent!


  • They are in the same formula as the color bliss lipstick - which I did not find too great- I prefer the ultra color riche anyday!
  • This formula needs perfectly exfoliated/non-flaky lips - or else they just get accentuated - might settle into the lip lines and such.
  • They appear smooth on hand but they are not moisturizing on lips- not dry either- better condition lips before. I prefer lip gloss over them to smooth things out.

 The Last Word:
They are a steal and they are pretty to look at !
However for the price they are offered- I should not complain ! Go grab them on the current offer!
Do Give me these colours Avon - BUT please can you make it in the Ultra Colour Riche  Formula!!!

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