Friday, June 8, 2012

Walk into The Coral Sunset with The Body Shop!

The Body Shop Colour Glide Lipstick # 63 (Coral Sunset)

I bought this when I was hunting for my perfect coral lipstick (its been a while since I had this)..... and
trust me I have tried quite a few - As a result I have so many coral lippies now that it deserves a  special post!(I know... I have loads of pending posts... will do it soon :P)
The coral craze hasn't gotten over yet......  probably coz it suits me a lot.... So here is what I end up wearing many times recently. Sadly I don't see it anymore-I think its been discontinued now

 Price- Rs. 600/-

 Quantity- 4g

 What does the company Say:
Moisturizing lip colour that feels velvety smooth. With light-diffusers for younger-looking lips. Check out the 19 lip-tastic shades in our stores now!


I love the metallic sleek case

# 63 - Coral Sunset (I think!)

Its SO pretty in the tube!

2-3 swipes - It is quite sheer so I have to build it up!

Final colour is  a lovely milky coral! LOVE


  • Its a pretty colour, a warm coral - no shimmers ! Its the most redeeming thing about it - I have to outline my lips with a lipliner first to make it stand out.
  • I have to really swipe it 2-3 times (minimum) to really bring out the colour evenly and upto the desired saturation
  • It gives a pretty shiny pout -but only after a few minutes u apply it


  • It is expensive!
  • It is strangely somewhat waxy to apply - intitally giving a dry-ish appearance to lips - only after a few minutes I guess it warms up and becomes smooth and shiny.
  • The pigmentation for this shade is not good- it looks so pretty and intense in the tube - but the swatches can tell you how the actual colour applies- :P
  • Even when stored in the fridge, it has already gotten a somewhat rancid smell ! I hope it was not one of those expired-but-still-sold-with-a-new-label products(I hope you know that  Recently, the FDA raided several BodyShop stores, a premier luxury cosmetics brand chain, and seized products worth Rs 72 lakh for tampering with the expiry dates of their products. They used to tamper with the best-before tags and paste new ones on top of the old ones.  EEKS !!!- Source)
 The Last Word:

I love the colour and yes the packaging too- and thats about it! The lipstick formula is a let-down for me.
Also The Body Shop needs to address the Raid -part and mend its sullied image (at least for me). They have some good products out there....  wud be sad to see them waste all that good branding on this!?

Also when you can afford to have all kind of crazy sales abroad - you sure don't need to dump all the expired goods on Indians! (Hint- Why not have some crazy sales here also to offload your goods BEFORE they get expired!!!)

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