Thursday, September 29, 2011

My body Shop Haul !!!

This is my Body shop Haul that I picked up during the last sale... 
I had not clicked the pic so never got around to posting it... lazy bum that I am
 So finally my belated post!
Some of this stuff I got for 50% off and the rest for varying discounts!

My loot !!
I just realized that the pic doesn't include the Tea tree toner, kabuki brush and Rainforest conditioner which was bought around the same time,but they got separated as I already started using these! (yeah I shopped 2-3 times during the whole sale! - Thanks to my body shop-crazy sis!)

Here's What is in there...
  • Guarana Berry Volumising conditioner (495/- 10% off)
  • Rainforest Balance shapoo for oily hair (695/- 10% off)
  • Wild Cherry Body butter (295/- 50% off)
  • Rainforest balance travel kit (shampoo+conditioners)(1095/- 50%off)
  • Shea  Body Butter (745/- 10 % off)
  • Travel brush Kit (1095/- 50% off)
  • Tea Tree Concealer (445/- 10% off)
Reviews coming soon!


  1. I love the Shea Body Butter from TBS. Though if you get a chance to lay your hands on Bath and body works body butters or Boots body butters do give them a try, much better than TBS in quality & variety

  2. Yeah I wud love to try these- sadly not available in India.... :(

    I wish at least BBW was available here!



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