Friday, December 30, 2011

My Little Red Riding Hood - Clarins Travel Palette: Swatches!

This time around..I decided to do my long pending posts first...  So here is another one of my cherished possession - more so coz my lovely lil sis gifted it to me. Yeps, the same one who got me hooked to smashbox first through her sojourns abroad!

This was purchased a year back.... I had told her to look around for a travel palette from a good brand ... since I was hunting for one here... but apparently they sell the good ones only at airports... :P beats me why!

Yeah...I am a palette addict... I love the way all beautiful things come together at once in such a small case!

So here is my precious... more so coz my sis is the most generous and sweet soul who reads my mind! :D

Pics& Swatches:
My lil sister's great gift!

Looks like a mini suitcase!

Love at first sight!

No names... :(

Eyeshadows L to R- white, lavender,pink,baby blue,brown,beige

Eyeshadows L to R- white, lavender,pink,baby blue,brown,beige

Left- Face powder, Right- Blush - Pinky Coral

Another look at the blush

Lip Gloss-  Shade Sorbet

Lip Gloss-  Shade Sorbet

Lip Gloss-  Shade Sorbet

I have not  used the whole palette much - but I often use the gloss  and the blush. The eyeshadows appear to be a bit chalky ( esp since most shades are pastel!) . So the whole primer thing is too much of an effort sometimes! :P
I am allowed to be lazy all the time... sometimes  right! :P

So long fellas.... may your travels take you to all you lemmings end!

I wish the new year brings some good news for about a lil sephora huh.. :P

Have a Fun-filled and colourful New Year Guys!!! 


  1. The palette look pretty..I wish the eye shadows were more pigmented though :)

  2. I have the same one too.. Comes so handy :) BTW loved your space here.. Following you :)

  3. @bhumika- Yeah... also - I think the palette is designed for the fair...err.. pale skinned people!

    Aarthi- Thanks girl! I follow and enjoy reading ur blog too!!!!!

  4. gorgoeus....esp i luv the blush n the gloss..

  5. the crash i had was on the pouder compact & the blush ! perfect for me <3



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