Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Get Luscious Smelling Big-Hair with Herbal Essences Body Envy Shampoo!

Herbal Essences Body Envy Voluminizing Shampoo

This one is meant for giving volume to ur hair.... a problem common to fine,limp or oily hair types. They have revamped their range and launched these new versions.... today I will Review the Body envy version.
Price- Rs.179/-

Quantity- 355ml

What does the company Say:
Give your luscious locks body and bounce.It's lightweight formula has a fusion of passion flower sunrise and pearl which ensures that your hair is exhilarating clean which will lift you up and my fresh lather will leave you with lush, full volume that moves naturally.

Good amount for the price!

lovely tangerine colour
Handy press-to-open cap


  • I have been using herbal essences shampoo for a looooong time - a good 7-8 years or more - its my default shampoo - I might try others but I inevitably fall back on this! (No wonder its won many cosmo people's choice awards!)
  • Really great smell..... although I preferred the citrus version(the previously available formula) smell much more....it was truly heavenly!!! even the marigold one was nice.....  I have got 'ur hair smells nice' compliment .... from a Man no-less!!!!(You all know how They can hardly be made to notice stuff- even if you ask point-blank!!!!)
  • Really cleans my greasy hair well..... (I have oil glands on my head that can rival the arab oil-wells!) U get the idea I hope - I use it 3 times a week at least.... can be mixed with water - still cleans them squeaky !!(Sometimes when I m running short- I mix water in the bottle itself - doubles the quantity- still works just fine !)
  • Does give some volume to my fine-limp hair- though the effect lasts  a few hours, the day I wash my hair only!
  • I find the price very reasonable for the quantity- its cheap if I consider how much shampoo my hair require!( U can even get discounts from ur friendly website or friendly shopkeeper!)
  • I like the new press-to-open cap - no more struggling with the cap with ur slippery hands!


  • Availability can be an issue - I used to never find it in Faridabad! 
  • Not all variants might be stocked even at those shops which keep them.
  • They discontinued my earlier favourites!!! :(
  • They have not launched the full range here - hair mousse and serums etc.

 The Last Word:
If you have oily hair- this one is pretty good. Do try it if you want a nice smelling... herbal-infused shampoo. Although currently I m using the touchably smooth version(this one was out of stock!!!) - which is not really helping my hair-type!! So do check out variants and choose one suited to ur hair type.

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