Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finally.....Maybelline Clearglow B.B. Cream is Here !!!! Review & Swatches

Maybelline Clearglow Bright Benefit Cream - 8 in 1 Skin Transformer - 01 Nude

I had been waiting forever to lay my hands on a BB cream... hearing about all the tall claims... and it being  the secret fo many asian beauties.. and their flawless skin!

B.B. cream is short for Blemish Balm... supposedly invented to heal-up scarring post-surgery. This was eventually lapped up by the beauty-conscious.... almost like a magic-potion for its many powers!
This one cream is supposed to perform themultiple functions of a foundation+concealer+healer+blemish remover+sunscreen+ moisturizer and the whole shebang!
Provided you have the right one!

Finally someone in Maybelline decided that they should launch it in India (That person Deserves a Promotion!). Alas! they stopped at just one product.... why not the BB compact.... or at least a couple of new mascaras if nothing else!!! DUH!! UPDATE- Now I can see the BB compact as well as new dream matte powder and dream matte mousse foundation in store.( already got the compact and foundation!) :P

Now pretty please maybelline...can we have the lash stilletto and falsies too???

 Price- Rs. 199/-

 Quantity- 18 ml

 What does the company Say: 
The company uses the term BB cream but does not say blemish balm.... Instead it lists out all the good things it will do for your skin... even naming it as a 8 in 1 Skin transformer!!!
It claims to be " infused with a blend of good for you ingredients :Talc (?), Fairness complex(?),  moisturizer and skin brightening minerals. to deliver 8 skin transforming benefits:"

  • Brightens
  • Even tone
  • Protects (SPF 21/PA+++ )
  • Hydrates
  • Freshens
  • Smoothes
  • Clarifies
  • Conceals flaws
Dermatologist Tested. Clinically proven. No oil, No pore Clogging. Suitable for Sensitive skin.
Available in 3 shades.

 Swatches & Pics: 
Looks sleek and handy!

18 ml for 199/-

Swatch- Unblended


  • The claims sound impressive and Tall.... I would love it if I only have to use this and nothing else- to get clear, smooth glowing skin!!! Or did I ask too much! :P
  • I have just bought it & it is too early to comment on all its claims BUT it does even out my complexion and brightens it up. It also gives it a nice matte effect which I love.
  • I find the fragrance negligible when I apply it - though if you take a whiff from the tube- its very much there!
  • I need a small amount to cover my face... so this tube should last a decent amount of time.(Although 18 ml is not a lot!)
  • I would love to see it perform all that it says- that ways I can reduce my dressing table clutter + quicken my morning makeup regime! Its an excellent pick-me-up for my face in the rushy mornings.
  • Overall - initial impressions are pretty good - I love the satiny smooth feeling it gives to the skin.. it does most of the work of a tinted moisturizer ... although its never greasy.
  • I have combination-oily skin -my skin seems to like it!
  • Fairly Priced- Excellent entry level pricing for a BB Cream. I would love to see others beat Maybelline at this game!
  • Packaging is good - squeeze tubes are both convenient and hygienic.  Its also sleek and tiny to fit even in the tiniest makeup bag


  • I can't comment on most of the benefits mentioned - as I have only used it 2-3 times- but ...the coverage offered by this is medium at best (depends upon how dark  your blemishes are)... I think BB creams are supposed to have more coverage than this.
  • Its not really a con but If Maybelline wants me to use this on a daily basis (I think that's how they would be most effective!)  - replace my moisturizer and sunscreen too ..- they should increase the quantity in the tube - say 25 ml at least. OR at least come out with multiple sizes - for people who would like to buy more!
  • The ingredients sound vague- Seriously ....what in God's name is 'fairness complex'??? Is Talc really good for my skin?? Where are all the natural and herbal ingredients which are generally used in BB creams?? But well for 199 bucks.... I can't complain too much :P

The Last Word:
If you are looking for a BBcream... an everyday lightweight foundations... or hell ... something new for your inner makeup junkie - DO try this! As for me.... I am Happy with my Rs. 199/ well spent and about  Rs. 1500/ saved on Evil-Bay!
I do hope this heats up the BB cream war  scene in India and we finally get treated to all the goodies our tropical-climate-blasted skin deserves!


  1. I was so excited wuth my anticipation of the product launch. I don;t know, becasue of the kind of mixed reviews I am kind of put off now these. let's see if I get this :I

    1. I like it a lot- give a very natural finish- I think you can give it a try- only 199 bucks! We have wasted more than that to stop now! :P

    2. i have too but in natural shade and that is awesome.



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