Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things..

Here are some of my favourite things in accessories...

They have been bought in the last year .... and totally loved ...

I wanted to share their cuteness with you guys... so here we go...

Aldo double strand necklace

Necklace from Accessorize

looks like a rainbow right!

Remember the accessory haul I posted....

The one filled with cute lil bows too :P

I thought just a single pic did not justify the charms of them....

So here are the close-up shots of the lil stars themselves... :)


and more bows...

Chunky rings...

Oooh...I forgot to click my hairbands the other day.... here they are

My secret crush - Cute hairbands! (with bows off  course :D )

rainbow again!

golden necklace

something for my sophisticated days

gold danglers
 I was a silver jewellery person initially... I still have many-many silver earrings etc.... lately I m digging gold too... somethings are better in gold.... ;)
Whats ur fav - gold or silver?
So you guys got the big picture now.....  :)

Tell me which ones you liked the most....



  1. Wow you have a great collection I like the second necklace & the gold danglers in the last pic

  2. Nice collection Viva, like the Gold Danglers :)

  3. loved everything,,,great collection girl ,,enjoy

    merry christmas :)

  4. @IBC- Thanks! :D me loving all of them right now

    @emm- It's the one I wear most often! :P

    @zestful uzma- thanks! :)

    @namita- Thanks girl!

    Happy holidays to all of you!

  5. the 3rd one is super pretty!



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