Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NOTD - Cute lil' bows for your Nails !

If you saw my post about my Accesories haul - you would already know about my love for cut lil' bows!

Now I came accross these pretty 3D kinda nail art stickers in New U and decided to dress up my nails...

This look can be achieved in under 10 minutes and requires only the following 3 things.
Even a novice can attempt this one!!

What you need is a base colour (I chose a nude pink) - nail art stickers and a top coat!

You get pretty nails with embossed 3D bows on them in the end!

Only 3 things needed!
 It cost me about Rs.30/- ONLY
 This sticker was filled with 10 lil bows too.... which are on my fingers now! So it looks a tad empty...

This lasted for a good time (4-5 days) and only about 1-2 bows were scrapped out (with heavy usage!)
The bows look painted on from afar and were not too raised-up .... looked rather nice... Don't ya think??

Plus you can wear this even at work! (at least for me!)

These stickers are available in many shapes... will be surely getting more of these!

How did you like this one guys?

Now I just need to find some strawberries.... (next fav thing to bows!) :P


  1. awww,,i love bows :D tooo cute :)

  2. wow, cute mani! i also had that nude polish from maybelline,loved it

  3. These look so cute!! I wnt stickers now. Have to check where these are available in Kolkata

  4. looks so cute

    Great post

  5. @namita- :) thanks... they sure are!

    @IBC- I love it soooo much- I even have a backup! :P

    @nivedita- they are not easy to find- try newU store.

    @sam ram- Thanks!!! :D

  6. so pretty...the white bow suits perfectly to the pink ..even the nail colour is lovely

    1. Thanks! :)

      I thought nude pink would make the bows stand out! It did!



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