Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Inglot Haul Swatches and some More Inglot !!!

Finally I have managed to do the swacthes of my Inglot haul!

So here it is for all you lovelies....

BUT first.... let me tell you the whole story....

Me and my sis were busy hopping around select citywalk in saket... when we saw inglot... she wanted to get some things... I wanted to get a palette for my freedom system haul...

To cut a long story short... Both of us ended up buying the Freedom palettes (completely filled for her... half for me!) See that's what you do when you walk in Inglot -can't get enough of those lovely rainbow hues surrounding you!!!

So I'll let the pics speak now..
Pink please.......

My Black beauty..

Could not resist the rainbows- Finally got 2 of them! :P

This is what I got filled from the store....

Viola! After adding my previously hauled stuff :)

Rainbow eyeshadows- Pink- 119R, Turquoise -104R

Just the sight of this makes my day!
You can customize whatever you want to fill in this palette..However u want it ..  face-powder...blushes...eyeshadows...lipstick...square and round!
The empty palette costs about Rs.750/- (the outer shell + the slot frame -yeah u gotta pay for both separately!)
Actually I think just the outer shell can be used as a magnetic palette to hold any shape product..-but no defined slots....just like a Z-palette!

The Rainbow eyeshadows are Rs. 450/- each.

Now coming to the swatches...
 First lippie swatches- here are all of them together....

#29&10 belong to coral pink family (they both look really similar in pan but #29 is a bit lighter and more pink)
# 68 & 14 belong to mauvey pink family (68 is more intense and darker than 14)

I put #10 and #14 in my palette..

These lippies are dreamy-creamy to apply and though I still have to test them properly... they seemed very long-lasting (even proper scrubbing with soap 'n' water  was not easily cleaning them!)

Eyeshadow- DS463 - nude with golden flecks

A nude eyeshadow that can doeble up as an highlighter fro brows...

The blushes......
#20- light pink
#58AMC- Rusty coral

Now the piece de resistance... the rainbow eyeshadows...
 I know I don't use most eyeshadows I own - barring a few neutral i was hesitating in purchasing them first.... but the immense range of eyeshadows... and the colourfulness of these totally made me go weak in the knees!  I would surely be getting more eyeshadows now - I am hooked!!!!!! I am eyeing the olive green one now!!
For now....
I got a pink one # 119R
 and a turquoise one #104R
Top 3 - 119R(Pink) ,  Bottom 3 - 104R (Turquoise)

3 shades in 119R

3 shades in 104R
The deepest shades were most pigmented and had more staying power in both these shadows... they were easy to pick up and spread... they seemed of good quality.!!!

Phew! Now you know what was taking so long!!!

So long fellas....

Do Tell me which ones you liked the most and what would be future suggestions for more Inglot makeup...

As I definitely would be visiting this slice of heaven again....soon!


  1. i want everything..such a pretty haul u made :D

  2. They should seriously start naming stuff instead of the numbers but those eye shadows are absolutely drool-worthy and 10<3

  3. it has become a great palette viva............... :)

  4. ooooh super pretty! i'm having a hard time choosing my favorite lippie, but I love number 14 the most.
    I tried these rainbow shadows recently but the pigmentation on lighter shade wasn't too great so skipped them, but now I feel like re-visiting Inglot

  5. love each n everything in this post... seriously..such pretty shades,, :) :)

  6. @vanity- :D Have you tried inglot before?? If u visit their store- U cannot help but HAUL!!!

    @Emm- I agree about the names! They are so cute- I can just look and be happy!

  7. @ani- Thanks dear! I have a weakness for pretty palettes...

    @ IBC- Glad u like dit.... 14 is definitely pretty- I like all of them! U r right about the pigmentation of the lightest shade in the rainbow shadows.... but I just cud not help myself... looking at those rainbows!!! :P

  8. @namita- Thanks a lot girl! :D

  9. Viva dear..such an awesome haul...those rainbow ones are drool worthy..heading to shopatmajorbrands now!!!!




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