Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Current Obsession.... Accessories ... & a Haul!

I have been going nuts over accesories lately.....
I have been collecting every trinket and bauble I seem to fancy nowadays...

At the recent Trade Fair... I literally only bought accessories...
Besides accessories are always  gonna with you - through the thick and thin... :P  sometimes years after your favourite lippie has gone kaput!

The Thailand stall at the trade fair had some good stuff... so I gave in to temptations... and here is what I got...
Besides some stoles, a shawl and a bag..:D

Here's a sneek peek..

  1. Champagne colored Crystal earrings - 100/-
  2. Golden Earrings bought bought with no-4 for 400/-
  3. Ring with imitation ruby and cz's - 300/-
  4. Golden danglers (2 for 400/-)
  5. & 6, 7, 9, 10  bought together - for 300/-
     8. multicolored Chandelier earrings - 250/-
     11. Amethyst and cz ring - 400/-
     12. Golden Necklace - 100/-
     13. Black Pearl necklace - 200/- I think... :P

What do u think - did I get good deals or got duped??

Now... now...  You can see how much I can't resist cute lil bows! so I don't mind paying a lil extra- but not too much! :P

I will probably be giving away some of them to my sisters (there are 4 of  us - so u can imagine the kind of makeup and girly stuff we keep buying!)

Did any of you go to trade fair which recently concluded..?
What all did you buy??

It was sure more crowded than usual!! :P

Shall post close-up pics soon! -check them out  HERE



  1. love the rings ..they look awesome..:)) and i think its all priced OK...

  2. @soft,sweet & gentle- yeah they are! I just realized I should post some close-up pics too... :P
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. All of them are very pretty,,I also love jewellery shoppin,,especially ear rings :D

  4. every thing looks great :) waiting for the closeup pics :D

  5. @Rekha- Thanks! Will do so soon!

  6. I love both the neck pieces and I think you got a great deal for them:D



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