Monday, May 28, 2012

EOTD - Peaches in Spring!

Before you guys start questioning my sanity for quoting spring in this melting heat..... Let me just clarify- its the most suitable name I instantly thought of for this simple look I LOVE ....esp in summers and off course I will do so in spring too :P

Now I am no expert with eye makeup... esp eyeshadows.... but I do like coloured eyeliners.....  a lot!
So when I got this gorgeous borjouis intense extrait eyeshadow no-3..... it was love at first sight....

Now when I combine it with another favourite - a Spring green eyeliner.... and Viola..... bright eyes in no time. Add a coat of mascara and you are set for the day!

Products used

  • Bourjois Intese Extrait Eyeshadow - 03 (swept all over lid)
  • Spring Green liquid liner (Very Me range from Oriflame) 
  • Oriflame Wonder lash mascara.


Pardon my unkempt brows (I am growing them out....)

With Flash - you can see how lovely the eyshadow looks

Indoor Light

Do tell me how you liked it.....

As for me... I am waiting for the monsoon... eagerly!!!!!
Please God Hurry!!


  1. Loved the the way, I'm a new follower of your blog!!!!! :) Hope you check back mine!! :)

    1. Thanks Gauri!

      You have a FAB blog there! totally loved it!

      Am following u too!

      Same pinch too! he he



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