Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Sweetest Thing : MAC I Love Winter Lipstick from Sultry Delights!

This collection was lauched long back... and as much a s I love it ... it never got reviewed.
But I really just had to show you how lovely this lipstick is... its the most soft neutral pink with a hint of coral....just the kind I was looking for.....  Its accompanied by a suitable gloss and lip liner....
but the lipstick looks gorgeous even on its own!


Sultry Delights Lip Bag

I Love Winter Lipstick

Lip Swatch- MAC Sultry Lipstick only
Indoor Light

This is closest to how it looks in Real

  • Its the most Gorgeous everyday neutral pink shade for fair to medium skin-tones
  • Very creamy to apply- gives a luscious finish (creemsheen finish)
  • Covers my partially pigmented lips very well
  • Good deal for the whole bag
  • Average lasting power - about 3 hours with light snacking
  • Limited edition! :-(
  • A bit pricey.. though the colour just makes it worth!

 The Last Word:
 I LOVE it so much .... but the irony is that I am scared of wearing it too much lest it runs out :P..... wish MAC made it permanent. 


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