Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Whenever, Wherever with Clinique Pretty Day into Night Palette !

Clinique Palette from Clinique Pretty Day into Night Set

I got this set as a Gift from a friend last year (It was on my Christmas wish list!).
I just fell in love with the Pink look and especially this palette!
Here's what the full set looks like
Clinique Pretty day into night set

I will review the Clinique palette in it today.... Other stuff will be reviewed soon. The Eyeliner has already been reviewed HERE

Quantity- 6 g (palette)

What does the company Say:
Keep it casual or glam it up. Either way, Clinique favourites you can bank on. Apply it all like a pro?set includes expert tips for AM/PM looks and a pretty pink makeup bag, too.

Swatches & Pics:
Shiny disco ball !

Top & Bottom Blushes- Iced Lotus & Smouldering Plum, Eyeshadows in the Centre

BLUSHES -Left- Iced Lotus, Right - Smouldering Plum

Eyeshadows from Left to Right - Shade from seashell pink, Shade from come heather trio, Shade form Champagne kisses, Night Plum

Eyeshadows from Left to Right - Shade from seashell pink, Shade from come heather trio, Shade form Champagne kisses, Night Plum

  • A pretty Compact palette including 2 blushes & 4 eyeshadows in complimentary shades
  • The blushes have good pigmentation and easy to blend
  • A good sized Mirror included
  • The set as a whole covers most of ur makeup needs
  • No applicators included. I know the ones included are mostly not too-good ! Still I would have liked something better than nothing coz i don't always carry my brushes around. For this reason I don't usually carry it around (unless I make sure I have my travel brush set!)
  • Availability in India - I doubt Clinique ever launches these good value sets in India
  • The second Eyeshadow is not pigmented and doesn't show up as I wud like.

The Last Word:

 I Like this palette a lot and its a real good value considering you are getting 2 blushes and 4 shadows. I use the blushes and hightlighter a lot.... I think they are not full sized- but I think even these will last me a looooong time!

I wish Clinique and the likes bring their Holiday value sets to India... will definitely sell more than individual pieces. Till then they are losing out a lot of money I guess!

Anyone looking for a similar set can try E-bay or wait for the holiday collection this year and hope some good aunt brings it over! :P

Have you ever lusted for things which are not available here... even though the brand is here??


  1. the make-up collection is really nice all the shades are amazing!! thanks for sharing
    Pakistani Dress Collection

  2. the palette looks stunning! its just too bad that these brands don't consider us when they bring out such awesome stuff

  3. @indianmakeupways - Yeah its a beauty to look at! I am also bothered by this double standard followed by many brands!



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