Saturday, October 8, 2011

Click your Favourites together with Oriflame Very Me Clickit Range!

Oriflame Very Me Clickit Lip Gloss (Neon Pink) & Lip Stain (Red)

Oriflame Very Me range has been a recent addition - aimed mostly at youngsters with pocket-friendly prices.
I was tempted to buy these at the launch offer of Rs. 99/- each with the connector free. I was looking for a lip stain - though I wanted pink one - but it was out of stock, so I got the red one - which turned out to be a good decision as it gives a natural coral tint to my lips.

This range has a variety of lip glosses, 2 lip stains and now 2 concelers also - which can be connected together (& separated & re-connected) for any combination you might want to keep!

I later came to know that this connector/clickit idea was launched first by AVON mark - in the name of Avon Mark Hook ups (See HERE )
I think this is totally inspired from there.... though they have launched it first here in India (Avon India WAKE UP!!)

Avon Mark makes trendy, aimed at youngsters products. I do wish Avon would launch this range in India.... or else competition would keep profiting from their ideas!
Till then its Oriflame who has the advantage....

Price-Rs. 159/- each (Connector costs Rs. 69/- extra!)

Quantity- 3.5ml

What does the company Say:
'Connect Whichever! Connect Whenever!'
Lip gloss- Give your lips kissable shine with shimmering lip gloss.Combine with clickit lip stain for intensified colour.
Lip Stain -Give your lips a juicy hint of colour. Combine with clickit Lip gloss for total shine.

Left- Red Lip Stain, Center- connector, Right - Neon Pink gloss
Left - Neon Pink gloss, Right - Red Lip stain (coral on lips)

Doe-foot applicator

  • The Introductory offer(99/-) was very affordable, even Rs 159/- would seem okay looking at Oriflame's exhorbitant pricing strategy.
  • The clickit idea is very appealing - to keep your favourite products together... or combine anything like mascara and lip gloss in one duo!
  • The red lip stain gave a pretty coral stain (I havn't come across red lip stain from other brand in India)
  • The lip gloss is a light pink on lips - suitable for teenagers or people who like sheer glossy effect
  • Doe-foot applicator makes for easy application!
  • I would deduct points for getting 'inspired' from Avon Mark.
  • The lasting power for lip gloss is poor - about 1 to 1 &1/2 hour
  • The lip stain dries out my lips like crazy - very soon after application- but I guess thats true for most liquid stains...(I had a similar experience with the body shop lip stain). So although my lips are not dry otherwise- I need a good gloss or lip balm on top of it!!!
  • No ingredients mentioned
  • You get only 3.5 ml for 159/-
The Last Word:

They seem a good deal for an anyone on a lookout for cheap lip stain and lip gloss. Also the connector idea will appeal many. I wish they would keep it at Rs.99/- though... I find even 159/- a bit too pricey for the product I am getting! So  do watch out for offers!

P.S. Did you know that companies making cosmetics in smaller packaging  in lipstick etc.(less than 4g) are not required by law to disclose the ingredients!!! What does that even mean ???? All of us buying smaller packs should be okay with lead in our products?

NOT done!!! I would like companies to own up and disclose all ingredients no matter what!

A  DIPSAR study on cosmetics  was a scary read with names like Revlon and even Biotique having lead etc. in their products much above the prescribed limit. I also came across an older FDA study for the same thing. Click HERE & HERE to read the articles & their findings!


  1. i too have it..gloss and liner..not much into it but wat would you get with this price tag :)

  2. @vanity -Yeah for the price they are a good deal!

  3. @anamika- Yeah! Have u tried these from oriflame?



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